1. LAPD launches realistic counterterrorism drill


    ... The Los Angeles Police Department held a counterterrorism drill in the heart of downtown ... of mass destruction. Authorities say the drill is part of the National Homeland Security ... "] More drill footage

  2. FBI investigating LA's SWAT team for illegal gun sales


    ... (Breitbart) In 2010 the LAPD completed an investigation into alleged gun purchases made by SWAT ... . The LAPD has a longstanding agreement with Kimber which allows the company to brand weapons ... with LAPD insignia and market them as "identical to" the ones used by LAPD's SWAT team. On the open market

  3. Black helicopters? Army says don't worry


    ... Operations Command doing "realistic urban training" for military maneuvers on site in cities across ... real live rounds." The events have a history of causing alarm. During a recent drill in Miami ... their residents. "These are standard training exercises known [as] realistic urban training conducted

  4. Boston airport holds fire drill on 9/11


    ... BOSTON (CBS) The Massachusetts Port Authority conducted a drill Wednesday morning involving smoke ... and fire on the runway. The drill involved what appeared to be a plane on fire. Boston Logan Airport tweeted the smoke and fire was part of a drill.

  5. 5 LAPD officers probed in woman's death


    ... SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- At least five LAPD officers are under investigation in the death ... . The altercation in front of her apartment was captured by a patrol car's video camera. LAPD Deputy Chief

  6. L.A. sheriff invites Muslim 'radicals' to cop workshop

    ... , in coordination with the FBI and LAPD, will host the two-day event next week at a resort in Pismo ... ." Terrorism expert Steven Emerson says al-Marayati has a history of opposing U.S. counterterrorism efforts ... , and therefore has no business lecturing counterterrorism officials. "MPAC has no place

  7. LAPD won't turn illegals over to INS


    ... (SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE) LOS ANGELEES, CA. The LAPD commission who supervises the citys police ... . This proposal was presented by the LAPD police Chief Charlie Beck, and with this new plan it releases all

  8. 'Hostage situation' portrays killers as Christians

    ... . What would have made the 'drill more realistic' would have been to cut the crap and portray ... School officials in Burlington, N.J., who wanted to stage a "hostage situation" drill have ... in the district's media center. Organizers of the drill said the "Christian" gunmen had gone

  9. 'Assassination' of 'immigration reform'

    ... , a fact that the Los Angeles Times has yet to print. A more justifiable shooting would be hard to find ... , has said so publicly. Fear of deportation? Not likely. The LAPD has long operated under Special ... Order 40, an LAPD policy that protects illegal aliens against deportation should they report crime

  10. Japan calls China 'considerable threat'

    ... Democratic Party, that China is a "realistic threat," according to Agence-France Presse. "As Mr ... and Chinese military forces included launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, while officials