1. Beaten to the punch on bin Laden

    ... to the river of tweets flowing from all over the world across my computer or smart phone screen. If I'm ... occurrence, and it's got the be driving the cable news channels, network news operations and print media ... , Urbahn's tweets beat by minutes leaks by anonymous sources at both the Pentagon and the White House

  2. Government paws on our every tweet

    ... -character snippet you have ever posted on Twitter has been committed to the U.S. Library of Congress ... . The Library of Congress and our friends at Twitter have agreed to archive every single tweet since ... that together we send a billion tweets a week – and all of it is preserved forever. It does

  3. 1 president shot, another shooting self in foot


    ... Obama threatened to veto Congress' bipartisan bill allowing you to keep your health care insurance ... people all across the country. We are eager to hear the story of your experience with the website ... . Kennedy. LIFE ceased publication with its Dec. 29, 1975, issue. The official JFK Library Twitter

  4. Big Brother casts shadow over Internet

    ... conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire ... law. This is the taste of freedom that I enjoy." Half of all tweets not in English Though Twitter ... is a U.S.-based service, only 50 percent of all tweets are in English. When web research firm

  5. The pitfalls of electronic publishing

    ... clubs at the time (which have gone all but extinct since) that would get you started building your ... " to bulk up your private library, choosing from among what were surely the music company's remainder-bin ... -destined overstocks. Those of us who lived with cassette tapes and then CDs remember all too well

  6. Your cell phone is spying on you

    ... Apple says they're not intentionally keeping track of where you are through your iPhone ... your compiled location details? With more smart phones sold last quarter than any other type ... the location file, and in failing to give users notice and choice about the storing of their data

  7. Holy smokes! All over Europe

    ... for people to sign up and use it. Internet search giant Google Inc. and the Library of Congress ... of Interest," which will allow people to see all the tweets emanating from a particular spot. Connect 2 ... Congress--tracking your reps It is our civic duty – and challenge – to keep

  8. Taking ex-presidents off welfare

    ... Few people who paid any attention at all over the past eight years were surprised that when ... nobody has gone a tad further and wondered aloud why the taxpayers are on the hook at all ... built a presidential library that has since been donated to the government, which then assumes most

  9. The sisterhood of mommy patriots

    ... things in Washington, D.C., and the tough questions your reports ask the politicians. With all ... in an organization that oversees the Internet. Two weeks for Twitter tweets Twitter is saving all ... our tweets. But only for two weeks. Twitter founder Biz Stone: "We definitely save all

  10. Heard the Bing buzz?

    ... : Because the stream — the flow of twitter messages (tweets) that moves down your homepage ... immediacy. Tommy Christopher reported on his blogsite "Daily dose" that Twitter slew a print dragon last ... suggestions. Twitter tip: Who likes a deadbeat? Unfollow Tweeps who have not posted Tweets