1. Graham: After Benghazi, al-Qaida rolling on steroids

    ... On State of the Union, Lindsey Graham said that Al Qaeda has gotten a big boost from the Benghazi

  2. Sen. Graham: Egypt days away from 'all-out bloodshed'


    ... . Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. They were sent by President Obama to push Egypt back towards a civilian

  3. Send this lefty home

    ... Very good story ["Billboard has eye-popping message on illegals"]. Lindsey Graham is an inside

  4. Sen. Graham calls out House Republicans over Benghazi

    ... Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called out House Republican leaders for not forming a House Select committee ... Susteren, Graham ratcheted up the pressure on House leaders again, even naming Speaker John Boehner

  5. Obama calls Gang of 8 to offer congrats


    ... . Obama spoke to Sens. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.), John McCain, (R-Ariz.) Michael Bennet, (D-Colo ... (THE HILL) President Obama called the eight senators who crafted the immigration reform legislation

  6. Lindsey 'Good-job-John' Graham

    ... with Russia in its own backyard? The answer, according to Lindsey Graham, is yes. Graham ... candidate than Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, there's not much hope for real change in Washington ... "] Perhaps the very best argument to persuade tea partiers it's long past time to dump Sen. Lindsey

  7. Newt's my man!

    ... Did anyone happen to watch Sen. Lindsey Graham on Gretta last Wednesday night, Feb 1? If all ... for Newt. Graham admitted he and the rest of Congress were too hard on Newt, and since he, Graham ... , had matured he can now see why Newt got a lot of things done. Graham said that he couldn't work

  8. The next Arlen Specter? Let's hope so

    ... knows, RINO Lindsey Graham recently told New York Times Magazine, "The problem with the tea party, I ... of politicians like Lindsey Graham, Mush McCain and a majority of those in the Democratic Party ... in a police state. Lindsey Graham absolutely loves governing, which shows up in such statements

  9. 'Warlord' Graham plans attack on Iran

    ... . The war America did not want did not come. Lindsey Graham is determined that this does ... , then stampede Obama into starting the war. On Fox's "Huckabee" Sunday, Lindsey laid out his scheme ... Iran from developing a nuclear bomb." That Graham is braying that he intends to give Obama a blank

  10. MSNBC makes 'gay' joke about Lindsey Graham


    ... Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, who have bonded over the last decade through international travel ... the Senate, McCain and Graham have brought in another amigo Senator Kelly Ayotte. That prompted Heilemann ... to make a bad joke, at the expense of Graham: Heilemann: They need a third amigo at all times. So