1. Lou Dobbs: Obama's 'inner Nixon is showing'

    ... This is a President whose Inner Nixon is showing. This is aWhiteHouse who has an enemies list ... . Obama tried to distance himself from the IRS. However Dobbs correctly pointed out, the IRS is tied ... of impeachment for Nixon had to do with the IRS.

  2. Lou Dobbs, real newsman

    ... House by simply showing the American people his long-form birth certificate, Lou Dobbs was alone ... The departure of Lou Dobbs from CNN after 30 years leaves the network in a state of programming ... irrelevancy. For years there has been just one reason to tune in to CNN. His name was Lou Dobbs

  3. Careful, Lou

    ... Regarding "Lou Dobbs mystified by Obama-birth 'taboo'": I thought Mr. Dobbs liked working ... for Fox News. I thought Mr. Dobbs liked working. I thought Mr. Dobbs liked being alive. Guess ... not. Mr. Dobbs best not drink a glass of wine, then jay-walk across a street. Carry on. James Boatwright

  4. I'm with Lou Dobbs

    ... Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs says he's mystified by an apparent "taboo" Republicans ... Obama to be president of the United States. I'm with Lou Dobbs. Last Friday night, on "Lou ... ! That's it. I'm not going to back off." And back off he hasn't. But, if Lou Dobbs wants

  5. What's so mystifying?

    ... I read your article about Lou Dobbs and the birth certificate. Frankly, I don't know why he

  6. Illegal-alien activists target Lou Dobbs

    ... CNN's Lou Dobbs WASHINGTON – Illegal-alien activists who have pulled off ... is Lou Dobbs of CNN. "Why AOL?" asks one of the promoters of the campaign rhetorically. "Lou ... has been organizing a proxy battle for control of Time Warner wants to sell AOL." But why Lou Dobbs

  7. Lou Dobbs tells GOP how to win next election


    ... [caption id="attachment_608045" align="alignright" width="313" caption="Lou Dobbs"][/caption ... ] Lou Dobbs, author and host of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on the Fox Business Network, was known for years ... ." In "Upheaval," Lou Dobbs explains how to start thinking clearly again, how to engage in issues

  8. What the ... ? Lou Dobbs wants to legalize illegals

    ... Lou Dobbs Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, the illegal immigration opponent with possible ... long-held opposition to "amnesty," Dobbs now actually supports a plan to legalize undocumented workers ... to be the No. 1 enemy of Latinos," Celeste told Dobbs. "Do you think that the community is somehow

  9. 'Birther' stories led to Lou Dobbs' resignation

    ... Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs' refusal to drop "birther" stories about challenges to President ... after 30 years "leaves the network in a state of programming irrelevancy." "What makes Lou Dobbs ... , according to the New York Post. Dobbs, known for his strong stand against illegal immigration

  10. Lou Dobbs bashes 'The Lorax' for 'liberal agenda'


    ... ." Lou Dobbs, on the other hand, most definitely has a tongue and he's not afraid to wield ... it against the beloved children's character. On a segment of Dobbs Fox Business Network show Tuesday night ... children. Dobbs lambasted Disney's "The Secret World of Arrietty," a Japanese film that opened last