1. Mark Levin: 'We have a constitutional crisis'


    ... (CNSNEWS) On his radio show last night, Mark Levin said that President Barack Obama has caused ... confirmation process. We have a constitutional crisis," Levin said. "It is in fact a constitutional crisis."

  2. Newt Gingrich under fire on air

    ... , like Mark Levin, are succinct in their dismissal of this doomsday scenario: "They've been saying ... Janet Mefferd all about his dispute with Hannity staffers: Mark Levin After NBC ... and MSNBC tried to paint Gingrich as a "racist" for calling Obama "the food-stamp president," Levin

  3. The left's love affair with lunacy


    ... cutting deals in the back room. I don't even feel it's my country anymore." Mark Levin "Keep your ... to the president's "success" (FREE audio). Obama never gets blamed for the terrible economy or anything ... campaign. Obama is constantly running against what's wrong." Michael Savage "Michael Savage, much

  4. NSA scandal 'biggest story of your life'


    ... minister of defense and comedian Jackie Mason. Mark Levin "Stick your data mining!" Mark ... "The NSA surveillance scandal is the biggest story of your lifetime" that was Michael Savage's ... Post survey that revealed that "Democrats are fine with" government data mining, "as long as Obama

  5. Death panels begin?

    ... stands for." Mark Levin "What the hell good is John Boehner? None!" Levin announced. Levin ... reports that Michelle Obama had been booed by some NASCAR fans, Limbaugh explained that the average ... every trick that Obama is trying to introduce in America" (FREE audio). "Do you know what courage

  6. Savage: Rubio backers 'secretly working for Hillary'


    ... results mean for the United States (FREE audio). Mark Levin By popular demand, Sean Hannity's ... occasional TV show guest Mark Levin will now be appearing on the program more regularly. "What the hell ... will not speak the language of the land?" (FREE audio) "Why are the Republicans latching

  7. Are Preppers responsible for the unprepared?

    ... "The Doomsday Prepper" series and concluded that because the people featured in this show were spending ... for the common good" at their own expense. The people featured in the Doomsday Prepper show many ... manager named Valerie Lucus-McEwen in which she made a grave error in judgment. She called doomsday

  8. Michael Savage: 'See where drugs lead you?'

    Barack Obama smoking in his youth

    ... admitted in print that he was disillusioned with President Obama, people took notice. Savage ... (FREE audio). Mark Levin Acknowledging that "passion" is a key ingredient of every successful talk ... show host, including his own, Mark Levin says now that MSNBC's Al Sharpton is too extreme, even

  9. Mark Levin sounds off on Cruz eligibility


    ... Conservative icon, radio host and author of the No. 1 book in the country right now, Mark Levin ... -signing event. The man, whom Levin described as "disrespectful" toward him and the other fans ... , reportedly pointed at Levin and told him he was wrong in concluding that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

  10. Is Santorum a threat to religious liberty?


    ... religious movement, and that's what he's going against," countered Varney. Mark Levin "Republicans ... at Ave Maria University. "Barack Obama has already shown that he is a threat to religious liberty. He ... speech "plays to the most base antagonistic fears that [Obama is] not a Christian and I find