1. Savage: Look who's traveling with Obama

    ... Michael Savage Michael Savage found out who is traveling to Brazil with President ... underwear and socks?" Savage asked. "Well, he works for Anthony S. Harrington at Albright Stonebridge ... on the beach at Ipanema while lecturing us about growing carrots in our backyard?" Listen to Michael Savage:

  2. Savage goes on offense in 'Fairness Doctrine' battle

    ... Michael Savage (San Francisco Chronicle) Talk radio icon Michael Savage ... a talk radio format. "Michael Savage is the personification of what the liberals hate about ... its reinstatement may take, any limitation on the free speech rights of Michael Savage will result

  3. Aaron Klein on Michael Savage Show

    ... show to discuss Israel's war against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza. Klein ... WND's Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein will be a guest today on Michael Savage's national radio ... will appear on a segment of "The Savage Nation" during the 8 p.m. hour Eastern Time.

  4. Radio fire ignited to burn Savage ban

    ... a staple on cable TV news shows has vowed to speak out against the U.K.'s blacklisting of Michael Savage ... . "If the kings and queens of talk radio do not arise and stand with Michael Savage, they're going ... government comes after us. I see it as personal because if Michael Savage falls, who are they going

  5. Ted Nugent joins 'Savage Nation'

    ... of drooling denial. Michael Savage has been and remains on the frontlines against this demonic jihad ... . The latest to endorse "The Savage Nation" is eclectic rock star Ted Nugent. "Long before the war ... against our 'we the people' soul, and his book, 'The Savage Nation,' speaks accurately and courageously

  6. CAIR's attempt to extract fees from Michael Savage rejected

    ... Michael Savage (San Francisco Chronicle) A Clinton-appointed federal judge ruled ... in favor of Michael Savage today in an attempt by the Council on American-Islamic Relations ... infringement and RICO lawsuit against CAIR. Savage alleged CAIR illegally published singled-out quotes

  7. The battle for free speech and against the savages

    ... of terror against the Jewish people is savage. The torture of hostage Gilad Shalit is savage. The bloody ... to city. We successfully fought back against racism and Judeophobia in Seattle, when Clear Channel also ... that demean an individual or group of individuals." The AFDI ad says, "In any war between

  8. Savage today – you and I tomorrow

    ... it is Michael Savage; tomorrow it will be you and me. The U.N.'s anti-blasphemy resolution ... , prominent Jewish radio talk-show host Michael Savage was the first American to be penalized ... and freedom of the press When asked by the media why Michael Savage was on the list, Secretary Jacqui

  9. Savage attacked by officials pushing immigrant bailout

    ... -to radio talkers. Condemning the "defamatory language used by radio personality Michael Savage against ... a resolution condemning national radio talk-show host Michael Savage for what they call his ... radio talk-show host Michael Savage, a mainstay of the San Francisco airways for years. Since he

  10. Are you ready for the Savage truth?

    ... "The Savage Nation," radio talk-show host Michael Savage's long-awaited manifesto ... Farah, co-founder of WND Books. Not familiar with Michael Savage? Here's a sample of his machine-gun ... of our ever-eroding culture and wages war against the "group of psychopaths" known as PETA, the ACLU