1. Hollywood's anti-Christian 'Dogma'

    ... allow the dilemmas of the world to affect their faith in the flawless God. The answer ... ," the message of Dogma is that God is a silly creature who suffers from human flaws (and an addiction ... are hailing the film as faith-affirming, the truth is that this is a blasphemous movie that scorns true

  2. 'The Moral Landscape'

    ... opinions need not be equally respected and that not all competing responses to moral dilemmas are equally ... factual and logical errors, "The End of Faith" and "Letter to a Christian Nation" served as little ... third book, "The Moral Landscape," is also a challenge to established wisdom, but it is a much more

  3. All smoke, no gun

    ... of moral self-government, and keep faith with the founding promises of the American Union that he ... print paper money in order to finance their special-interest subsidies.'" Wow, without ever even ... hardly ever indulged in the pleasure of self-righteous moral proclamation. He had more important

  4. Bill Bennett's ongoing gamble

    ... , author, outspoken proponent of patriotism, faith, moral conviction, family values, apple pie ... introspective, some people try not to pull themselves up to a higher moral ground when faced ... with the challenge of being a better person, but rather justify their own imperfections by knocking the moral

  5. This day in WND History: June 12


    ... CNN's deceitful Vietnam report June 12, 1998: WND was first to expose fundamental journalistic ... flaws in CNN-Time's "Tailwind" story, which alleged American soldiers had used chemical weapons

  6. Cloning eternity

    ... people still aware that there are moral and ethical dilemmas over cloning? If so, it is because our ... by the Bureau of Engraving, as they are a license to print money. Oddly enough, they have been issued by two ... faith makes us more aware of the big picture, our place within it, and our interconnectedness

  7. McCain's heresy

    ... with the inexorable flow of history. Sunday show hosts, editorial pages, and both print and TV news ... challenges to their Democratic rivals and their policies. Hiatt says it is "an article of faith among many ... -related. McCain has a right to expose Obama, his flawed policies, flip-flops, hypocrisy, unfair

  8. Save up to 90% with WND's pre-Christmas Sale!

    ... ' blockbuster expose "Dunces of Doomsday," normally $24.95, now only $10.00. The Christian classic ... of brand-new products, including "In the Words of Ronald Reagan" by Michael Reagan, "Fatal Flaws & ... – FREE – three power-packed issues of WND's acclaimed print magazine

  9. California man registers dog to vote


    ... should vote, but he used his golden retriever, named Cooper, to expose flaws in Monterey County's

  10. Kerry's Katholics hurl mud-ball

    ... support abortion and be a Catholic "in good standing." And a Catholic politician who flaunts his faith ... Catholic publisher. Digging up dirt to sling at spokesmen who defend moral standards has become a liberal ... activities were exposed. The glee of the moral midgets when "virtuous" Bennett was shown to have