1. New bill requires gold and silver registration


    ... gold and silver transaction to be registered with the State. Here are the basics. The bill ... The slippery slope to confiscation has begun. Gold and silver buyers could soon have to register ... with the state of Illinois. Rick Santelli provides an update on legislation that requires every

  2. Utah lawmakers recognize gold as legal tender

    ... gold and silver as legal tender for the first time in the United States in some three generations. H.B ... . 317, sponsored by Rep. Brad J. Galvez and Sen. Scott K. Jenkins, "recognizes gold and silver coins ... shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts." "Plainly put

  3. Uh oh. Is gold, silver confiscation next?


    ... , would require every gold and silver transaction to be registered with the state. The bill passed ... government's history of confiscating gold has some concerned this bill could be an ominous sign ... for gold. Nixon also announced the federal government would no longer redeem currency with silver

  4. Why small-timers are crushed and big boys win

    ... to liquidate his long gold and silver positions, and the down market can take on a life of its own ... to silver. These days that ratio is at 38 (meaning the price of gold is 38 times the price of silver ... . Although margin requirements on silver are now more onerous than those on gold, the underlying

  5. Government's monetary word games

    ... of gold or silver made in a mint to be media of exchange. Money substitutes are widely acceptable ... , fixed weight of gold or silver. Until about 1978, U.S. dollar bills were immediately redeemable ... in fixed weights of gold or silver. Referring to paper currency, Ewart says paper money

  6. Introducing the new SwissAmerica.com!

    ... Swiss America, a major United States gold and silver investment firm, is announcing the launch ... in the media declared gold was dead," said Craig R. Smith, Swiss America CEO. "Yet since the new ... – and the most exciting 'public era' of the gold rush is still yet to begin!" The new

  7. World's highest tax rate no April Fool's joke


    ... as Middle East tensions. Then Tom Cloud is back from Europe with an update on gold and silver ... and hedge manager Bill Fleckenstein will speak about the new highs in the financial markets and what ... that means. Fleckenstein, author of "Greenspan's Bubbles" also talks about gold and silver, mining

  8. Old gold better than bullion

    ... has changed the gold market forever. The current demand for gold and silver has overwhelmed ... bullion coins. At the same time the paper, or COMEX, price of gold and silver has dropped ... well into next year. This leads me to believe demand for gold and silver will increase and put

  9. 2006: The new 'commodity of exchange'

    ... . Times are a changing in the new millennium – yet gold stands firm as the only worldwide ... : Newly retired U.S. gold and silver coinage. Even as a teenager, I intuitively knew collecting ... in price over the last five years, gold has begun moving up faster because it has entered a new phase

  10. Gun-registration bill not moving

    ... the registration of handguns in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record." The bill ... limit, then it must be registered before the transfer can take place. The bill requires the ATF ... Although a U.S. Senate bill that would require all handgun owners to register their firearms