1. How NSA scandal is helping Obama


    ... is the second disclosure in recent days that evidences massive NSA snooping on U.S. civilians ... power to do the White House harm. "Yet now this NSA scandal is going to dominate the headlines ... , the NSA scandal "can't touch Obama." "You've got the Benghazi scandal, Benghazi-gate, that can

  2. Use NSA data to resolve other scandals

    ... So what are we to make of the NSA data gathering? Is it OK for the government to snoop on us? Does ... ." But then, this is the same government that denied snooping on us in the first place. Sen ... . Ron Wyden: "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions

  3. NSA chief plays word games on domestic spying


    ... is not the only intelligence chief under fire for possibly misleading lawmakers on NSA snooping. As WND ... claimed the NSA does not intercept Americans phone calls or online information? In March 2012, Rep ... several ex-NSA staffers describing phone and data surveillance of Americans. Following

  4. Net giants snooping on your email


    ... (DAILYMAIL) Facebook, Twitter and Google have been caught snooping on messages sent across ... Snowden about government snooping on internet accounts. Cyber-security company High-Tech Bridge set out

  5. Perks are for perps with the right pigmentation

    ... division. But woe betide the NSA or IRS agent who does unto a Registered Provisional Democrat what he ... Modernization Act" promises to name and shame this wicked government worker. Caught in the improper use ... of the personal data of an RPD, the agent will incur a criminal penalty. The bill specifies

  6. Americans ballistic over NSA 'dragnet'


    ... to the National Security Agency's vast "dragnet" of snooping on Americans and accountability ... since the first NSA revelations were published in the Guardian, and it's clear the American people ... . The NSA has been under fire since a whistleblower, Edward Snowden, released documents showing

  7. Voter wrath coming to a ballot box near you

    ... Democrats should fear Obamacare and Republicans should fear the outing of the NSA. Why ... Democrats and not a few RINOs own the abusive NSA domestic spy programs. They have voted, time and again ... to blame for omnipresent government snooping, an end to expectations of privacy and the trashing

  8. Echoes of impeachment in NSA scandal


    ... up in the NSA dragnet," Stone warns. Though the video never mentions Obama by name, it directly ... on American citizens through the National Security Agency, or NSA even comparing his actions to those ... director Oliver Stone, former talk host Phil Donahue and several others appearing in a new video

  9. NSA scandal unites right and left

    ... out this Jon Stewart video that demonstrates the unity between left and right on NSA spying ... administration concerns the National Security Agency (NSA), where our so-called government, backed ... as PRISM and MUSCULAR. With each passing day, We the People learn more about how the NSA and its

  10. New warning: 'Totalitarianism' on way


    ... and the extent of electronic snooping it has been conducting on people around the world, including ... Americans, and are proposing heavy penalties on U.S. internet networks if they're caught, according ... that they're aware of worldwide surveillance by the NSA, Europeans appear to be asking whether the Obama