1. Yahoo put up scrappy fight before giving data to PRISM


    ... (Wired) A newly leaked NSA document shows that Yahoo began supplying data to the spy agency's PRISM ... and lost, thereby ensuring its entry into the so-called PRISM program the NSA has been using to collect ... data from internet companies, according to a story published by the New York Times. PRISM

  2. Intel chief misled Congress on NSA snooping?


    ... obtained by the Post, NSA reporting increasingly relies on PRISM as its leading source of raw material ... -Ore., asked Clapper at a hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee: "Does the NSA collect any ... today, Clapper told the National Journal, "What I said was, the NSA does not voyeuristically pore

  3. NSA spying disclosures alarm tech companies


    ... period, and details about an NSA program code-named PRISM, which collected emails, chat logs ... CIA computer technician named Edward Snowden, who had worked as a contactor at the NSA, identified ... and other types of data from Internet companies. These included Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corp, Yahoo Inc, AOL Inc and Apple Inc.

  4. Could this keep NSA from listening in?

    130617cell phone

    ... Miller. "For as little as a few dollars a month there are now at least half a dozen companies ... locating overseas to avoid the reach of the NSA. "All of our developers are based in South Africa ... , a former information technology specialist contracted to work for the NSA, who claimed

  5. Google, Facebook, Apple 'participate' with NSA


    ... program that mines data from leading U.S. internet companies, according to a bombshell report ... in The Washington Post Thursday night. The program is code-named PRISM, and the Post reports ... that it was established in 2007. According to the report, the nine companies that "participate knowingly

  6. Spy vs. spy: Google challenges U.S.


    ... Agency surveillance of Internet traffic. Google, one of nine companies named in NSA documents ... as providing information to the top-secret PRISM program, has demanded that U.S. officials give it more ... leeway to describe the companys relationship with the government. Google and the other companies

  7. Whistleblower lawyer: Feds gain 'power' through data


    ... , according to a leading government accountability activist. "The NSA wants to collect data on all U.S ... interest group. Radack, who is an attorney representing whistleblowers, added, "My four NSA clients have ... been warning about this for three years and no one paid attention. There are other programs besides

  8. How NSA scandal is helping Obama


    ... to the phone companies if they give the information over." "The NSA issue goes far beyond Obama," Klein ... it obtained a top-secret document on the PRISM government program in which the NSA and FBI are "tapping ... power to do the White House harm. "Yet now this NSA scandal is going to dominate the headlines

  9. NSA up to more than just PRISM


    ... have been sidelined by the talk of PRISM, but it's worth paying a bit more attention to the NSA ... , captures metadata from communication, while PRISM obtains the actual content of the correspondence ... . Thus, many might approve of the use of BLARNEY while condemning the tactics of PRISM. We have seen

  10. NSA slapped with $20 billion class-action suit


    ... " of what the named companies have allowed the DOJ and NSA to do. The companies named in the suit include ... corporate cronies a cool $20 billion or more. The NSA, Department of Justice, President Obama ... , Attorney General Eric Holder and the 12 companies allegedly collaborating with the government to conduct