1. Did Jewish rabbi really see Messiah?


    ... Carl Gallups' explosive new book "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His ... history, really see the Messiah in a vision before he died in January 2006? Very few of his ... followers. The note was said to have contained the name of the Messiah whom he had met in his

  2. Religion scholar claims Jesus invented by Romans


    ... of the presentation titled "Covert Messiah" is that "alert citizens need to know the truth about our ... past so we can understand how and why governments create false histories and false gods," said Atwill

  3. Pray for an end to 'the Obama tribulation'

    ... the character and the hope for a better America to bring the Obama tribulation to a quick end ... messiah we would like. My hope is his election will simply buy us the time we need to ensure ... the Obama tribulation does not become more than we can bear. [gravityform id=11 title=true description=true ajax=false]

  4. Watch Muslims, Jews agree on coming end times


    ... and the possibility that the religions' expected messiahs the Mahdi for Muslims and King Messiah for the Jews ... times. Said Babuna: "The wars and violence coming to an end in the time of the King Messiah ... ... and the battle bow will be broken. ... He [King Messiah] will proclaim peace to the nations.' Zechariah

  5. Life of Riley vs. Life of Brian

    ... awaits us all if we just "hope" hard enough. Unfortunately for Obama, the time is coming when the hope ... of Brian." In the film, a man named Brian spends his life being mistaken for the Messiah. The rapid ... rise of Barack Obama and the quick gathering of his throng of followers immediately sprang to mind

  6. Obama's childish vision of politics

    ... talk does a profound disservice to the American people. According to Obama, "false choices" aren't ... to the president. We've all been suckered by "false choices" on national defense, too, Obama tells us ... of hope, change, and unity, and instead ask Americans to think more deeply. And so Obama labels

  7. Is heaven just a 'false hope'?

    ... made off of selling false hope to desperate people." That same person told Warren he should "abandon ... who claim to speak for God just "selling false hope to desperate people"? Is the universe just ... to believe that there is a life after this one? As far as the notion of "selling false hope," I think

  8. Rick Warren blames the messenger


    ... previous linguistic/theological gaffe when he rounded out his prayer at the Obama inauguration ... Register, of false reporting. This is nonsense. Warren and other Saddleback pastors ... for false reporting. The problem, again, is that the statement did not come from Hinch, but from

  9. Flip-flops that would make John Kerry blush

    ... with the lofty rhetoric of hope, change and unity, Obama could masquerade as a quasi-messiah figure ... The Washington Post reports that Sen. Barack Obama is aggressively trying to reintroduce himself ... major campaign challenge will not be to reveal, but to conceal his true identity. Obama

  10. How the resurrection restores hope


    ... when Jesus, their friend, their hero, their Messiah and their Lord was suddenly arrested on false ... , and it has changed countless lives. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can have hope. Our hope ... is not in technology. Our hope is not in human solutions. Our hope is certainly not in politicians. And our