1. Obama: 'I might have been in prison'

    ... ... I might have been in prison," in a commencement address at historically black Morehouse College ... President Obama said today that he is motivated by the knowledge that "but for the grace of God

  2. Last word about Salon

    ... out-of-context my email responses, I thought it might be a worthwhile exercise to publish some ... have evidence for this? Best, Justin Since I was alerted by Google that his story ... PM To: Joseph Farah Subject: Re: obama legal bills Actually I asked an hour and a half

  3. Corsi to campaign: 'Where's the beef?'

    ... . Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, launched a personal attack on Corsi. "I don't ... of the sentence from page 165 of 'The Obama Nation' quoted above makes clear that I am not charging ... for Publication' appears to be refuting a straw man argument I did not make. Whether Obama and Rezko

  4. Has anyone seen an Obama 2012 bumper sticker?

    ... Obama 2012 bumper stickers have been printed? How many have been distributed? How many have actually ... sticker yet?" I know I haven't. Not one. And I'm hearing from others who have noticed ... no visible grass-roots excitement about re-electing Obama. Maybe I'm just missing it. Have

  5. Finally! U.S. asks for jailed pastor's freedom


    ... . "I still do not have the heart to tell them that if we don't do anything, that daddy might never ... survive the horrific Evin prison. I do not have the heart to tell them of the eight-year sentence. I ... while traveling in the Middle East with President Obama. "I am deeply concerned about the fate

  6. When was Barack Obama coronated?

    ... While President Obama, contrary to his pledges, reactivates the military prison at Guantanamo, I ... that also in the CMUs are "environmental activists … prisoners who have been active ... no such procedural protections. "They are not told in any meaningful way why they have been designated

  7. Glenn Beck: Obama destined for prison?


    ... it, killing Ambassador Stevens, the Obama administration initially suggested it could have been ... send Barack Obama to prison. The tea-party site posted a Glenn Beck video from October in which ... is lying to you about Benghazi in such spectacular fashion that I believe people will go to prison

  8. The Times ... they are a changin'?

    ... to anyone wanting to make a bomb right? Because as we have been told Saddam was not a threat ... actually real? Uh oh, the Times may just have themselves a bit of a quagmire. The next step might just ... and World Report have all recently featured cover stories on Democrats like Barack Obama, Harold Ford

  9. Jack Abramoff for president?

    ... prosecutions are unlikely. Congressional investigations have been stonewalled by the Obama ... . Few white-collar criminals have been as repentant as Abramoff. But, then again, few have been more ... of Obama for gross misuse of his official power during his three years in office. But I think you get

  10. De-pressed! No media for Obama in Florida


    ... cross section of our members from print, radio, online and TV have today expressed extreme frustration ... this weekend to President Obama, who was on a golfing vacation in Florida. Ed Henry, the Fox News ... evening in which he said the press corps had been given no access to the president, who was joined on his