1. Is this woman 'brainchild' behind war policy?

    ... at the center of a growing controversy over whether Obamas policy is being manipulated by foreign ... in Syria, critical attention is being focused on the conflicts of interest and hidden agenda ... for the obliteration of Christians in Syria. Some of her work, labeled disinformation by critics, has

  2. How anti-war movement won hearts and minds


    ... attacks on Syria, nor the always hawkish Sens. McCain and Graham, who speak for the aging national ... security elite, nor the New York Times, which flacked for a violent strike on the first day of Obamas ... that the long war of occupation in Afghanistan, now sputtering toward withdrawal of foreign troops

  3. Report: Obama's Syria war really about Iran


    ... Iran down a peg has been the driving force behind Obamas Syria policy. Not coincidentally ... (THE NATION) The dirty little not-so-secret behind President Obamas much-lobbied-for, illegal ... and strategically incompetent war against Syria is that its not about Syria at all. Its about Iranand

  4. Iran's biggest enemies have change of heart


    ... relationship with the U.S. in protest of Obamas dialogue with Iran and inaction in Syria. Earlier ... are leading secret talks to study the possibility of renewing relations with foes Syria and Iran ... , Qatar and Saudi Arabia are disappointed with Obamas outreach to Iran and what they view as a U.S

  5. Obama cancels meeting with Egypt's Morsi


    ... in Arab countries that have damaged Obamas campaign-trail claim to foreign policy competence ... . This year, amid the foreign policy meltdown, his schedule shows no so-called bilats with any foreign leaders.

  6. Syria: To strike or not to strike


    ... On The Glazov Gang:How is Obamas Syria strategy designed to benefit U.S. national security

  7. White House: Goal not ousting Assad


    ... (FOX NEWS) On the heels of a Cabinet-level principles meeting on Syria last night,President ... , although that has been the basis of U.S. policy toward Assad over the past two years ... for crossing Obamas red line rather than take actions to tip the balance of power in the Syrian conflict

  8. Susan Rice named to top security post


    ... (NEW YORK TIMES) WASHINGTON In a major shakeup of President Obamas foreign-policy inner circle ... and a close political ally, at the heart of the administrations foreign-policy apparatus. It is also

  9. U.N. warns 'historic' refugee crisis building in Syria


    ... international proportions is developing in Syria. The U.N. is reporting this week that an estimated 5,000 ... refugee crisis surfaced Wednesday in President Obamas press conference in Sweden. Swedens prime ... fleeing Syria are now welcome in Sweden, the first European Union country to make such a decision

  10. Obama critics still ask for 'smoking gun' in Syria


    ... NEW YORK Critics of the Obama administration's policy on Syria are still asking for the smoking ... of the Syrian Ministry of Defense. Foreign Policy magazine said the telephone exchange took place ... . The Foreign Policy article raises the possibility the attack could have been a miscalculation