1. ICE agents sue to stop Obama amnesty


    ... (ICE) agents and deportation officers said Mr. Obamas policies force them to choose between ... agents on Thursday sued theObama administrationto try to halt the presidents new non-deportation policy ... brewing over President Obamas immigration policies, which have steadily narrowed the range

  2. House rebukes Obama, challenges amnesty


    ... (WASHINGTON TIMES) The House voted Thursday to overturn all of President Obamas non-deportation ... over the next few months. It was one of several rebukes the House issued to Mr. Obamas immigration ... . The deportation policy vote shows House lawmakers and Republicans in particular are still focused on enforcement.

  3. Obama just caught in big lie?


    ... is fighting claims, including from Mitt Romneys camp, that his policies are socialist. Also, Obamas 2012 ... ? During the 2008 presidential election campaign, Obamas camp categorically denied he was ever ... . The denial came amid reports of Obamas participation with the party, including several articles by WND

  4. Obama family busted in Shariah scheme

    WALID sayid and musa ismail obama at university #2

    ... that President Obamas favorite uncle, Sayid Hussein Obama, was selected by Obama and by the family in Kenya ... of Wahhabism. Shoebat noted President Obamas Uncle Sayid Hussein Obama is involved with the al-Qaida ... Obama, President Obamas first cousin in Kenya, told the Arabic-language satellite TV network Al-Jazeera

  5. Romney to honor temporary amnesty for illegals


    ... . Romneyrefused to say whether he would allow Mr. Obamas non-deportation policy to stand ... non-deportation policy, and also set a deadline of passing a broader immigration bill in his first 18

  6. Illegal alien gets DNC speaking slot


    ... , Benita Veliz, had her deportation halted under Mr. Obamas non-deportation policies. In a pointed ... at a major party convention, and highlights President Obamas own stance on the issue: The student

  7. Feds move to deport Obama's illegal uncle


    ... (BOSTON HERALD) President Obamas illegal-alien uncle will be required to report to local

  8. Obama's illegal uncle challenges DUI traffic stop


    ... A lawyer for President Barack Obamas uncle, an illegal immigrant who is charged with drunken ... to strike Obamas SUV. Krishtal said Obama failed several sobriety tests and blew a reading of 0.14 percent

  9. Scalia's state-sovereignty mumbo jumbo


    ... at President Barack Obamas executive order stopping the deportation of immigrants brought here as children

  10. Deportations plummet in 2013, lowest since 2007


    ... for Immigration Studies which suggest Mr. Obamas non-deportation policies have hindered removals of illegal