1. Cyber teams being deployed to defend U.S.


    ... for offensive cyber capabilities." The teams will be deployed by 2015. Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads ... Cyber Command at the Pentagon, said that some 100 cyber teams will be focused mainly on defending ... . WASHINGTON Cyber teams are to be deployed to defend the critical infrastructure of the United

  2. Pentagon creates 13 offensive cyber attack teams


    ... comes after recently highly publicized cyber-attacks on American companies. Of the 40 teams, 13 ... Officer Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads the U.S. Cyber Command and National Security Agency ... , announced on Tuesday that the U.S. is developing 40 newcyber support teams to be ready by 2015. This move

  3. Big Sis looks to draft 'digital militia'


    ... offensive and defensive cyber weapons in the nation's arsenal. This force would most likely ... of cyber attacks and the political sensitivity surrounding offensive and defensive reactive measures ... In a world where cyber attacks threaten to invade American shores at any time, from any direction

  4. U.S. developing cyber-warfare capabilities

    ... The United States is currently working to develop so-called "cyber-warfare" offensive and defensive ... and deployment of new cyber-weapons that could "deter hostile threats" before the Pentagon ... Intelligence Committee members that Cuban leader Fidel Castro could be preparing a wide-ranging cyber attack

  5. Pentagon, CIA open targets for crippling attack?

    ... by the Obama administration to protect Pentagon networks from cyber-attack shockingly includes a former ... for a crippling cyber-attack? Are the country's major industries, such as electrical grids ... , which may be ripe for attack in a new age of cyber warfare. Just last week, U.S. cyber security

  6. Iran hacks into Israel's military


    ... The terrorist group Islamic Jihad, which answers to Iran, has launched a massive cyber attack ... reported from Jerusalem Sunday that the Israeli government has come under a massive cyber attack ... to cyber attack. The vulnerable state of the power grid was blamed on several factors, especially the fact

  7. Iran developing cyber response to attack


    ... to offensive cyber operations following the Stuxnet virus cyber attacks that targeted its infrastructure ... . power grid system and is in the process of heavily investing in a "cyber army" to attack America's ... . Given the prospect that Iran is investing in cyber warfare capability to attack U.S

  8. Obama's 'kill switch' would kill more than Internet

    ... Obama the power to shut down parts of the Internet for up to 120 days during a cyber-attack ... Let's say an enemy launches an attack against us on our soil or on our Internet communications ... also needs to be made to create international computer emergency response teams, or CERTs, that can

  9. Nuke hack attack puts military on high alert

    ... cyber attack overwhelmed computers at U.S. government agencies and South Korean agencies ... a nuclear attack on the Japanese island of Okinawa turned out to be false, but the fact it was delivered via ... ; suggests a serious breach of technology security. A Pentagon spokesman declined comment

  10. Pentagon admits: Unprepared for cyber war


    ... are acquired." Just as the Pentagon has announced its vulnerability to cyber attack, the Chinese ... have undertaken a cyber attack on the Defense Department's Common Access Cards with technology ... . WASHINGTON The Department of Defense is not prepared for a cyber war against an "advanced