1. Stand up for Bible truth, dump those ancient fables

    ... in the story of Jesus' birth, and no wise men at all saw baby Jesus in a manger. (They actually met Jesus ... says Jesus died on a Friday or rose from the grave Sunday morning Scripture does not say Noah's ... of stunning Scriptures, and we know you'll want to share this incredible information with as many

  2. U2's Bono opens up about Jesus, God


    ... (Huffington Post) When Bono and his family want to worship, they read Scriptures, go to church ... , usually, we've a very big bed in our house. We pray with all our kids, we read the Scriptures, we pray." ... frontman opened up about his belief in Jesus, his prayer practice and the way he and his wife instill

  3. 'The best book I have ever read!'


    ... "The best book I have ever read!" As the holiday season gets into full swing, reviewers ... future will be if you follow in Jesus footsteps. I couldn't put this book down! The author, Joe Kovacs ... quotes of God's words and you can see for yourself the truths. Joe turned the God light bulb

  4. Stand up for Bible truth, dump ancient fables you've been taught

    ... news editor of WND. You may have read previous promotions that have mentioned ... " are mentioned nowhere in the story of Jesus' birth, and no wise men at all saw baby Jesus in a manger ... . (They actually met Jesus for the first time in a house when he was a young child, not a babe

  5. What's this? Now they claim a resurrection before Jesus

    ... to a suffering messiah who was killed and rose again three days later decades before Jesus ... of the tablet contain words, which translated read: "In three days you will know that evil ... by even more difficult-to-read words that he claims complete a command meaning, "In three days you shall

  6. Less than 1/4 of Americans read newspapers


    ... (HOUSTON.CBSLOCAL) The number of Americans reading print newspapers, magazines and books ... is in rapid decline. Only 29 percent of Americans now say they read a newspaper yesterday with just 23 ... percent reading a print newspaper. Over the past decade, the percentage reading a print newspaper

  7. Is this Bible champion the next C.S. Lewis?


    ... as an 84-year-old "who has had a copy of the Bible by his bed since he first learned to read," says ... long been a disciple of C.S. Lewis and the first thing that attracted me when I began read Kovacs ... Christianity in print." Knecht goes on to rave about "The Divine Secret," saying: "I was not able to put

  8. 4 inspiring Christian books FREE today!

    ... ' footnotes In-text subject headings Concise dictionary-concordance Words of Jesus in red ... through the cluttered and often confusing information overload on this topic, presenting the Scriptures ... is "Yeshua: The Name of Jesus Revealed in Code in the Old Testament" by Yacov Rambsel

  9. What's the most astonishing fact of the Bible?

    ... like yourself, composed of spirit just like God the Father and Jesus are composed of spirit ... of this world, and sitting down on the throne of Jesus Christ as the children of God. "So that we ... Armageddon?" Kovacs said: "This happens in the future when Jesus Christ returns to Earth, raises dead

  10. 4 inspiring Christian books FREE today!

    ... Words of Jesus in red America's role in biblical prophecy Michael Evans' book caused seismic ... , presenting the Scriptures and current events side-by-side, leading to some startling but inescapable ... in this special one-day offer is "Yeshua: The Name of Jesus Revealed in Code in the Old Testament