1. Boston OKs anti-Israel ads only

    ... , homes, etc.) are savage. The vicious Jew hatred behind this genocide is savage. The endless ... . The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens was savage. Jihad is savage. The city of Boston sanctions ... man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad." Our message is that any

  2. 'Savage' No. 2 on New York Times list

    ... . There are currently more than 500,000 copies of the book in print. ''The Savage Nation ... Michael Savage's "The Savage Nation" holds the No. 2 spot on the prestigious New York Times best ... its release. "This is a real triumph for Michael Savage, for talk radio and for the power

  3. Ultimate expose of America's 'POISON PRESS'

    ... where other exposes of the press leave off," said Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WorldNetDaily ... Americans perceive as reality, very much like the malevolent computer program in 'The Matrix' film ... ; the "virtual reality" created in the public's mind by the establishment media is profoundly

  4. 'Obama is telling kids, f--- your parents'


    ... A newly compiled video exposes the chief "anti-bullying" activist endorsed by the Obama ... by the Faith Family Freedom Fund reveals Savage has touted the White House's support as proof ... the president is backing his shocking message: "That meant," Savage says of Obama's participation

  5. Savage's No. 1 bestseller FREE!

    ... Savage's No. 1 New York Times bestseller, "The Savage Nation." Savage's newest book, "The Enemy ... -page manifesto. ("The Savage Nation" normally sells for $24.99 plus $5.00 shipping, so the actual ... , "The Savage Nation" also topped Amazon's and other bestseller charts, and was even featured

  6. Ben Swann: Did FBI know about Boston bombing?


    ... We are learning more about the Boston Marathon ... . The biggest question of course, who is behind it? Could it be that the FBI knows more about this attack ... at some recent history in order to look forward in a Reality Check you won't see anywhere else. Read more:www.fox19.com

  7. 'It's not just Imus,' warn talk-radio headhunters

    ... for America, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, John Gibson ... ?" On Aug. 23, 2006, Limbaugh commented on a season of CBS' reality TV program "Survivor" in which ... incident in 2003. As for Savage, another one of the nation's top-rated talk hosts

  8. Savage and the fall of the U.K.

    ... Savage, along with a short list of terrorists, neo-Nazis murderers and other vile scum. It was in May ... not to slight Muslims by disproportionately banning real terrorists from the country, Britain added Savage ... and mindless political correctness of the kind Savage is such an artful critic. Incredibly, that ban

  9. American phenom to make 1st appearance in 5 years

    ... . Savage will preview his new book, "Trickle Up Poverty" and provide a behind-the-scenes briefing ... ; one dominated by murderers and terrorists. Savage has not made a personal public appearance in five ... Michael Savage MIAMI – Talk-radio superstar Michael Savage will make a rare

  10. The battle for free speech and against the savages

    ... of terrorists" is savage. The targeting of civilians is savage. The relentless 60-year campaign ... (into schools, homes, etc.) are savage. The vicious Jew-hatred behind this genocide is savage. The endless ... the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad." The MTA's