1. Sharpton: We're fighting James Crow, Jr. Esq.

    ... Fifty years after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. vowed to see the end of Jim Crow, Rev. Al Sharpton ... Crowschildren because Jim Crow had a soncalled James Crow Jr. Esquire. ... declared that the next generation of Jim Crow laws will be overcome as well. Dr. King and those

  2. Racial rope-a-dope

    ... , Texas, lynching of James Byrd Jr. The ad's voice-over featured the voice of Byrd's daughter, saying ... . Jackson and Al Sharpton are now peddling the claim that blacks were "disenfranchised" in Florida ... Jackson and Al Sharpton. During the last election, these people did a yeoman's job of getting out

  3. Dumbest generation getting dumber

    ... at the educational establishment, he said it was "Professor James Crow." Sharpton is only partly correct ... . Centralization has been massive. In 1930, there were 119,000 school districts across the U.S; today ... the McKinsey report, Al Sharpton called school reform the civil rights challenge of our time. He said

  4. Redeeming Al Sharpton

    ... When Al Sharpton took the podium on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, he ... was eloquent, cutting, and demanding. I know Al Sharpton. He was also angry. This was Sharpton's "Redeem ... the Dream" March -- the 37-year marking of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech

  5. Sharpton: Using tragedy for personal gain

    ... . Al Sharpton lost no time in mounting his soapbox: "This cannot end with an apology ... and an administrative report. … This will be a test of the [Mayor] Bloomberg administration," Sharpton ... raged. There were also the obligatory references to the department abuse cases of Abner Louima

  6. GOP seeks absolution from Rev. Al

    ... , they were mistaken. The moral shakedown of the GOP, for Lott's sin in telling 100-year-old Strom Thurmond ... he would have made a great president, has only just begun. On Dec. 27, Al Sharpton got ... the meeting he had demanded of Lott's successor, Sen. Bill Frist. From the report by James Lakely

  7. Wake up, black America!

    ... that if the president were white and had done so little for black people, Sharpton would be in front of every camera ... from Jesse Jackson, even though he has jumped on the owner of the Cavaliers about LeBron James. I ... haven't heard from Al Sharpton on how little Obama has done. How many of you believe

  8. Lynching shown in 2nd-grade coloring book


    ... in the comic entitled "Who Was Jim Crow?" as a part of Black History Month. "We were flipping through ... (WJXT-TV) The lynchings of African-Americans during the late 1800s is one of the last things James ... this depiction of the murder scene," Hill said. "The lynching scene is inappropriate for second graders. It caught us off guard. We were like, 'What is this?'"

  9. How liberals shamelessly protect their own

    ... ) was not "in her own words" – though she did admit to reading the book before it went to print &ndash ... " (they weren't identified) were calling "recall fatigue." Then, again without attribution ... wrote a profile of New York Times' veteran reporter R.W. Apple Jr. ("Newshound," Sept. 29, 2003

  10. The ugly truth about Trayvon

    ... Martin, but those of us in the public weren't. Space doesn't permit me to detail all in print as I ... is opening an investigation to see if Martin's civil rights were violated by George Zimmerman is cruel ... grievous incidents of civil rights violations since the end of Jim Crow. I'm speaking of the New Black