1. Kansans say 'yes' to creationism

    ... as well as Darwinism -- or the theory of evolution -- in the state's public schools. According ... of the biblical and Darwinian theories in schools," said Portrait of America analysts after studying ... favor the teaching of biblical creation. Surprisingly, 54 percent of those who rarely or never attend

  2. Feds set to seize Dinosaur Adventure Land

    ... can raise $170,000 in the next two weeks. Eric Hovind, who now leads Creation Science Evangelism ... debunking evolution and presenting evidence for divine creation. Kent Hovind has offered $250,000 ... Hovind says a judge's order to seize Creation Science Evangelism properties actually helps clear

  3. Finally! Missing link emerges

    ... When it comes to choosing sides in the creation-evolution debate, there's very ... on the creation/evolution debate ever done," "The Grand Experiment" captured several top 2010 honors ... evolution." Homeschool blogger Wayne S. Walker cited the book's intensive review process. "Dr

  4. Unnatural selection

    ... teach creation science, they teach evidence against evolution," said Scott, whose organization's ... or potential correction. "Religious people who struggle with the creation/evolution controversy need ... who leads students to discount the theory of evolution is doing a disservice to them

  5. God beats evolution in new CBS survey

    ... also asked "Is it possible to believe in both God and evolution?" With 105,000 respondents, 70 ... reject the theory of evolution and believe they were created by God. Michelangelo's ... "The Creation of Adam" According to the survey, "51 percent say God created humans in their present form

  6. Hitler's evolutionists

    ... evolution suggest that God lied about Creation? If He would lie about Creation, why should we believe ... that led directly to Hitler and Stalin and Mao and the Creation story that leads believers ... , it also illustrates how the genocidal mania of Hitler could only be built on a foundation of evolution

  7. A museum of answers, a museum of truth

    ... in the creationism/evolution debate through the years has been that Christians have not been trained how ... to deal with challenges to their beliefs. That has now changed. The multi-million dollar Creation ... the Creation Museum is a godsend. Our public schools almost exclusively teach from an evolutionary

  8. What are the Darwinistsafraid of?

    ... of these natural laws imply the existence of a lawmaker? How can evolution explain the creation ... forbidding the teaching of evolution? Indeed he had. Scopes was convicted and fined $100. But because ... to defend the literal truth of every Bible story from Jonah and the whale to the six days of creation &

  9. The battle of origins – and Cain's wife

    ... "Evolution is a process of God's using," declared Charles Darwin who, when he attended Cambridge ... University thought seriously of studying to become a priest of the Church of England. For those ... to invade science, and most particularly evolution, with religion. Have we learned nothing? In Kansas

  10. Porn for kids

    ... spaces, not dot org. Well, why would a sex business want to be associated with a children’s ... God’s righteous ways of creation and against the soft-minded lawyers and judges ... business and it’s booming nowhere bigger than on the Internet. However, don’t