1. Bomb mom: FBI monitoring my boys for years


    ... sons are innocent and were "set up," according to a telephone interview with RT-TV, also known ... that this is a set-up. My son would tell me; my son never would keep it in secret, so I would know ... . "What I can say is I am really sure, I am like 100-percent sure that this is a set-up," the woman said

  2. War hero, former Sen. Jeremiah Denton dies at 89


    ... are and set up everything else to match that. We’re done.” Denton said he believed ... buildup of conventional forces – America’s security is at risk. “If Russia were ... of the traditional family and chaired a subcommittee on internal security and terrorism that focused

  3. Minister who sued MSNBC blasts Obama on 'gay' plans

    ... . These positions include: U. S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, Department ... lifestyle. Military: "Mr. President, nobody respects this country’s military more then my ... is the transgression of God’s Moral Law; 1 John 3:4.) Government's purpose, Mr. President, is to restrain

  4. Ex-pilot: U-2 effective despite restrictions

    ... Espinoza said the U-2's flexibility, its ability to "wait for something to happen," gives ... cleaning up of the area,' or whatever," she said. "If it had been the U-2, you would have had a collection ... A former U-2 pilot believes the restarted reconnaissance flights over Iraq could provide convincing

  5. Warning issued that Islam is coming

    ... ,'" Saleem detailed. "So, 'our man' (the U. S. politician defending Islam) rises up to protect them ... was raised by his parents to be an angry, West-hating terrorist and he eventually came to the U. S. to work ... , to the Senate, to the House of Representatives, to lobbying, to the banking, to the security services

  6. Obama's online 'birth cert' misses 'proving' eligibility

    ... this: The U. S. Constitution sets out qualifications to be president. One of the qualifications ... evidence is a birth certificate that shows a person born to U. S. citizens and also born in the United ... that Obama fulfills the blood and soil requirements to be a 'natural born' U. S. citizen? The answer

  7. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

    ... of Security Office of Export Administration HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES ... U. S. Capitol Police JUDICIAL BRANCH SUPREME COURT Supreme Court ... FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY Security Division GENERAL SERVICES

  8. Gov't confirms: Area 51 exists!


    ... CIA history of the U-2 program obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by National Security ... for secret U.S. missions such as the U-2 spy plane that flew over China and the Soviet Union has been ... it. According to documents posted online by The National Security Archive at George Washington

  9. A healing catharsis

    ... in print flooding bookstores this very week, Mr. Franzen is now set up with something like ... ;ndash; father, mother, two sons, one daughter – set in a Midwest background in the '50s ... "hilarious." This is a scene where one of the characters, "hard up for cash, tries to steal a paper

  10. Black attack: Robbing, stabbing, shooting, arson


    ... . "These pieces of s--t killed my friend and his father," said Jimi Dowling at the Detroit Free ... . "In addition, the fire had been obviously set to cover up what turned out to be a brutal murder ... the suspects last week when they found the murder victim's car at one of their homes, along with bloody