1. 'Syria no longer exists'


    ... . If Syrian opposition forces attempted to descend into Lebanon, they would need to go through ... a deterrent to date from the chaos in Syria spilling over too far into Lebanon. The issue of Iranian ... into the Damascus area, reveals a well-placed source in the Syrian capital. To make a "long

  2. Syria moving troops out of harm's way

    ... be in anticipation of Israeli strikes on Lebanon. Syrian troops began leaving some positions in western Lebanon ... are they being moved to appease anti-Syrian opposition factions in Lebanon. The most likely ... , in the past, has attacked Syrian troop positions in Lebanon after Israeli soldiers came under fire from

  3. Jumblatt: Syria trying to destabilize Lebanon

    ... prominent anti-Syrian politicians. His concern for a civil war in Lebanon comes after weeks ... Syrian affiliation. Their camp not far from the Syrian border. While Lebanon was under Syrian control ... reported that Syrian authorities had instructed all Syrian citizens residing in Lebanon to return

  4. Lebanese seek end to Syrian stranglehold

    ... is doing in the Middle East," said Najjar. The current Syrian regime will leave the U.S. and Lebanon ... dilemma. LLP says Lebanon is occupied by tens of thousands of Syrian troops and intelligence officers ... ." There are Syrian terrorist camps located throughout Lebanon and Syria that specifically target the U.S., he says

  5. Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon

    ... that IDF commanders would recommend attacks against Syrian targets inside Lebanon if attacks ... Israeli warplanes have stepped up patrols over the skies of Lebanon in the wake ... it pulled its forces out of southern Lebanon in May. On Tuesday, for the second time

  6. Syrian conflict spilling into Lebanon

    ... Syria's ongoing civil war is spilling into neighboring Lebanon. Gun battles raged in the northern

  7. Lebanon drowning in 1 million Syrian refugees


    ... TRIPOLI, Lebanon (Reuters) – The number of Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon ... -old student from the city of Homs as the millionth refugee at a ceremony in Lebanon’s ... Mediterranean city of Tripoli. After three years of conflict sparked by protests against President Bashar

  8. Syrian rebels to hold unusual, immediate meeting


    ... TEL AVIV Leaders of Syrian rebel militias are planning to hold an immediate meeting between ... the borders of Syria and Lebanon, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials. The meeting ... as militants from the al-Qaida-aligned Jihadiya Salafiya who have been fighting Syrian President

  9. Sources: Elements in Syria behind blast

    ... that plagued Lebanon in its conflict with Syria, which maintains nearly 30,000 troops in the country ... say, and a successful campaign to drive Syrian troops from Lebanon would devastate the Assad regime ... . The assassination is already prompting nationwide calls for Lebanon to elect reformist leaders and achieve

  10. Hundreds of thousandsrally in Beirut

    ... anti-Syrian protest in Lebanon since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri ... situation that would require Damascus to delay removal of its nearly 20,000 troops from Lebanon. Syrian ... meeting square, chanting support for Syrian troops to maintain positions in Lebanon and denouncing