1. NAACP says tea partiers racist

    ... like you," Jealous said. In a Fox News appearance, NAACP officer Hilary Shelton accused the party ... 101st annual convention voted to condemn the "racism" of the tea-party movement, claiming it could ... or just "some" of the tea-party participants should be condemned. Later, a request was made to eject

  2. Tea partiers report Fox story changed

    ... Sean Hannity Fox News says it pulled host Sean Hannity from a Cincinnati tea-party ... book signing (which was canceled) Fox News producers onsite informed the Cincinnati Tea Party senior ... and the Cincinnati Tea Party," he said. He said he was unable to get explanations from Fox, but that tea

  3. Pro-Obamacare protester stumped


    ... (FOX NEWS) There was one protester who was adamant that being anti-Obamacare was synonymous ... with being anti-women. Oddly enough, we noticed her because she was yelling at a Tea Party woman

  4. Conservatives launch Facebook alternative


    ... (FOX NEWS RADIO) A group of conservatives is launching their own social networking site after ... enduring what they call years of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook. The Tea Party ... already drawn nearly 50,000 members. Its a new home for conservatives and the Tea Party movement

  5. Boehner to face GOP primary challenger


    ... (FOX NEWS) House Speaker John Boehner will face a challenge in the GOP primary next year, Fox News ... on March 6. Lewis is a Tea Party loyalist who lives in Clermont County on the east side of Cincinnati. Read the rest of the story here.

  6. Matt Drudge rips GOP on Syria, NSA


    ... (Fox News) Internet pioneer Matt Drudge may have had enough of the Republican Party. Though ... touched on the broader internal fight in the party. Or as Drudge put it: "It's now Authoritarian vs ... . Libertarian. Since Democrats vs. Republicans have been obliterated, no real differences between parties."

  7. Tea Party tells Fox News to 'stop screwing around'


    ... , but according to some members of the Tea Party, the Fox News Channel is just not conservative enough ... . A faction of the Tea Party movement known as the Fire Ants held its second boycott of the cable network ... via a blog called Benghazi-Truth, whose author claims that Fox News has "essentially abandoned" its

  8. Is Sarah Palin about to leave GOP?


    ... (Daily Mail) As she rejoins Fox News Channel, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin may soon part ways ... governor and 2008 Republican nominee for vice president responded to a Fox viewer's Twitter question ... Saturday about the possibility of her and conservative commenter Mark Levin leaving the Republican Party

  9. Welcome to the Fox News 'tea parties'

    ... to creating events. For an entire week before April 15, Fox News exclusively hailed the upcoming tea ... Parties." For those unable to attend an event in person, Fox News even conveniently hosted a "virtual tea ... was held in 1995. The Fox News Network wasn't launched until 1996. The truth is, the tea parties

  10. The tea party coverage that wasn't

    ... it out. Such is the case with this past weekend's tea party coverage. First of all, it isn't often ... instance in my lifetime. So the Independence Day tea party was an extraordinary event to begin ... in the news business for more than 30 years, not one news organization – broadcast, print