1. TSA detains 3-year-old in wheelchair


    ... detained their wheelchair-bound three-year-old daughter, took away her stuffed doll, and refused ... . And by extension they were treating us as criminals. The TSA did not return phone calls or emails seeking comment.

  2. Proven: TSA hires murderers, rapists, thieves


    ... ="xha3RtOTrMwtwka5hLt40AazqjZSBjOC"] TSA reportedly banished a 56-year-old rape victim from an airport for refusing ... year and are open to U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals. TSA lists key requirements ... was even arrested for allegedly beating his 75-year-old mother. Another agent was arrested

  3. Henry Kissinger given 'full pat-down' by TSA


    ... (ATLANTIC WIRE) A wheelchair bound 89-year-old Henry Kissinger was submitted to a "full Monty" pat ... down (per The Washington Post's In the Loop)from the TSA at New York's LaGuardia Airport Monday

  4. Woman held by TSA for reading Jewish paper goes public


    ... think a [72-year-old] Jewish woman/scholar needing a wheelchair is not the best target of suspicion ... , or TSA, makes national news. But when Phyllis Chesler, 72, a noted academic and author ... , was detained by TSA officials at New York City's JFK Aiport and her bags searched – reportedly

  5. Airport screener 'roughs up' woman, 83, in wheelchair

    ... after a security screener forced her 83-year-old mother to get out of her wheelchair and walk to a pre ... and the Frontier employee were left behind as Moon pushed her mother to the screening site. Bogart, wheelchair ... a metal plate in her hip. Moon had been told by Frontier and TSA staff that screeners would

  6. Congress: Call off your TSA attack dogs!

    ... a good point. A not-so-young-and-pretty woman is forced to remove her nipple rings. A 17-year-old ... a palsied old man quivering in his wheelchair while being manhandled in plain view. A large African ... an opt out!" "Opt out!" – the TSA attack dogs swarmed a young woman by the name of Meg McLain

  7. Teen girl's 'skimpy' outfit too hot for TSA

    Sarina Frauenfelder in the outfit that she says offended a TSA officer. (Photo: Mark Frauenfelder)

    ... in the outfit that she says offended a TSA officer. (Photo: Mark Frauenfelder)"][/caption] A 15-year-old ... as an excuse to humiliate a girl and blame her for his sick attitude." Yahoo Shine reported a TSA ... of authority" for the TSA officer to be "telling a girl that what she's wearing is something she should

  8. TSA gives pat-down to girl with cerebral palsy


    ... scrutiny, this time after aggressively screening a 7-year-old female passenger with cerebral palsy ... which caused her family to miss their flight. The girl, identified as Dina Frank in a report ... and crutches, she cannot pass through airport metal detectors, and must instead submit to a pat-down by TSA agents.

  9. Stupid airport security, part 2

    ... three years, I've reduced it to once, maybe twice, a year. Some of the letters reported more ... -old son's name was also Harry Smith. How much brains do you think it requires for the FBI and TSA ... to immediately realize that their 5-year-old son was the wrong Harry Smith? Another writer wrote

  10. Petition demands TSA answers about strip searches


    ... innocent travelers would likewise be shielded. That includes the six year old girl who made ... this 'promptly.' A year later, TSA has not even started that public process. Defying the court, the TSA has ... for allowing an agent to grope a member of Congress and pat down a hysterical 4-year-old. Several