1. U.S and Russia bid to revive Syria peace talks?

    ... The United States and Russia have agreed to push both sides in Syria to find an end ... to the bloodshed, offering to hold an international conference in search of peace. In talks which stretched late ... agreed that Russia and the United States will encourage both the Syria government and opposition

  2. 'Cold War' fears in Mideast

    ... . The officials told WND that Russia began installing in Syria its S-300 surface-to-air missile defense ... and Latakia. In exchange, Russia is supplying Syria with weaponry at lower costs, with some of the missiles ... deployed in Israel. The S-300 system is being run not by Syria but by Russian naval technicians who

  3. Confirmed: Israel, Syria 'talking'

    ... few days that Israel and Syria might renew talks. Barak said the revival of peace talks ... (BBC JAFFA – Israel and Syria engaged in recent secret talks mediated ... " are being made to "bring Syria to the negotiating table in order to sign a peace treaty." Ben-Eliezer

  4. Saudis desperatefor Russia's help

    ... either Israeli or Palestinian war fighting policies. Russia and Saudi Arabia have taken U-turns ... foes, with Russia traditionally backing Saudi Arabia's regional competitors: Iran, Iraq, Syria ... in countering a belligerent U.S. agenda against Iraq. But Saudi Arabia has little to offer Russia

  5. U.S., Russia reach agreement on Syria


    ... also are considered key to a resumption of peace talks to end the 2 1/2-year Syrian civil war. ... negotiations in Geneva. They say some elements of the deal include a timetable and how Syria must comply ... . And if Syria fails, they will seek a United Nations Security Council resolution that could

  6. Obama wants U.S. nuke arsenal slashed by 80%

    ... ties between Syria and Russia came as then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Polish ... JERUSALEM – President Obama plans to offer Russia a deal whereby each country would ... the world's nuclear weapons, arguing the Cold War is over. Obama's statements came even while Russia

  7. Israel, Syria holding high-level talks

    ... holding high-level talks with Syria regarding renewing negotiations over an Israeli retreat from ... Earlier this month, WND reported Syria, aided by Russia and Iran, in recent months has been ... , Syria recently quietly struck a deal with Russia that allows Moscow to station submarines and war

  8. Obama deflecting heat by focusing on Israel

    ... , is doing business with Russia and China, is aided by North Korea and is in partnership with Syria ... to build a mosque near Ground Zero, the president is in a desperate bid to change the topic quickly ... . The "solution": Israeli and Palestinian direct talks in Washington, D.C. Yesterday

  9. Syria talks peace but 'furiously' acquires missiles

    ... peace talks with Israel under Turkish auspices. Both sides have expressed their desire to conduct ... the talks in good will and decided to continue dialogue with seriousness to achieve comprehensive peace ... ." WND first reported in February Olmert's government had been holding high-level talks with Syria

  10. Unprecedented: U.S. bargaining on behalf of Palestinians

    ... to revive Middle East peace talks. But a senior PA negotiator told WND Erekat was referring to Israeli ... of submitting a new U.S. Middle East peace plan by this fall that would include talks between Israel ... , Jordan, the PA and Syria. The plan would reportedly link Israeli-Palestinian peace to efforts