1. Another frontal assault on Constitution

    ... with these assaults on the Constitution, as well as Obama's destructive swath against our nation's financial ... Group survey revealed that our military rank and file supported the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell ... lawmakers to join with Republicans in defending our Constitution and our liberties against this rogue president.

  2. Military suffers wave of 'gay' sex assaults


    ... . Given the much larger number of men in the military, those numbers suggest 14,000 of the assaults ... of reports of sexual assaults among military personnel have actually increased by 129 percent since ... 2004," said Center for Military Readiness President Elaine Donnelly, who pointed out the number

  3. Pentagon reports 46% rise in military sexual assaults


    ... "] (Washington Times) The number of sexual assaults reported in the military saw a double-digit surge ... to "victim confidence in our response system," the Pentagon made clear, United Press International reported ... . By the numbers: Between January and September of this year, military investigators fielded 3,553

  4. McClellan sidesteps women-in-combat

    ... not changed when it comes to our military. I would just say that. WND: The New York Times also ... presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about sexual assaults in the military and women in combat. WND ... strong action to address those issues you raise. Second of all, the president is proud of all our men

  5. Confirming Bolton

    ... this fall when the Senate officially recesses. Should the president send his renomination ... On July 13, John Bolton – our "unconfirmed" ambassador to the United Nations &ndash ... ; vetoed a proposed Security Council resolution that would have demanded Israel halt its military

  6. Army letting diversity trump winning wars


    ... established by President Clinton that allowed homosexuals to remain in the military on the condition ... It seems that the old military song "The Army Goes Rolling Along" may need some revisions ... . Especially where it says, "We'll fight with all our might, as the Army keeps rolling along." That's

  7. Culture notes

    ... are expected to believe it was coincidental that the assaults on our embassies and consulates ... Hillary Clinton made a strong statement the day after the murders of our diplomatic personnel ... American diplomats have been injured in assaults that featured machine gun fire, rocket propelled

  8. Border incursions rocket 359%

    ... Fitton, president of the Washington watchdog organization. "Our agents are being attacked ... Homeland Security documents indisputably show there is a crisis on our border with Mexico," said Tom ... and our sovereignty violated at alarming rates," he said. The public interest organization

  9. Now Pentagon celebrates homosexual behavior


    ... Center President and Chief Counsel Richard Thompson. "Our military men and women, our sons ... behavior. But Center for Military Readiness President Elaine Donnelly believes that the aggressive ... . "There is no constitutional right to serve in the military," the CMR president explained, emphasizing

  10. Obama's 4th scandal

    ... assaults of men were committed by men. Military life is difficult enough without putting our ... , the Pentagon released a report on the soaring number of sexual assaults in the military. These crimes have ... anywhere, especially in our military. However, the answer is not more sensitivity training. We've wasted