1. Is there proof of missile?

    ... interviewed by the FBI. The witnesses were located in a full circle around the crash site on four ... air crash investigators away from witnesses for two and a half years." Donaldson believes he has ... . The press willingly accepted the FBI explanation that the witnesses saw the burning plane, not a missile

  2. Airliner crashes on runway in San Francisco


    ... ." Some witnesses have reported hearing a "boom" before the plane itself crashed, yet one witness told ... reports the plane is Asiana Airlines No. 214, a Boeing 777 passenger jet with 291 people on board ... reports that the plane struck the runway, lost its tail section, bounced and practically somersaulted

  3. Grateful Italian discovers WWII hero's watch


    ... surviving witnesses and local lore had put the plane crash. The six Americans died while doing ... to a WWII pilot whose plane went down in the mountains of Italy nearly 70 years ago. Retiree Glauco ... a U.S. Douglas C-47 transport plane with six crewmen aboard that had crashed over nearby Monte

  4. Jim Inhofe's son killed in plane crash


    ... . Perry Inhofe, the son of Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., has died in a plane crash. Oklahoma City ... at 3:50 p.m. at an altitude of 1,100 feet. Several people witnessed the crash, and the plane ... television station KOCO says a source close to the senator has confirmed his son was on board a plane

  5. Was Richard Reid 'Shoe Bomber No. 2'?

    ... No. A 19, next to where the wing attaches to the body of the plane to follow the example of Shoe ... to the center fuel tank in the body of the plane between the wings. If Reid had not been wrestled ... in the side of the plane and then ignited the fuel stored in the wing. This, according to DEBKA-Net

  6. Was United Flight 93shot down on Sept. 11?

    ... to say it was a plane taking pictures of the crash 3,000 ft. up. "But I saw ... the crash site less than half a mile away. Did he see another plane? asked the Mirror. "Yes ... Marina a mile and a half away, echoes the other witnesses: "I saw the white plane. It was flying around

  7. Costa Rica plane-crash mystery

    ... . While investigating the mysterious Jan.15 plane crash that occurred in San Jose, Costa Rica ... . Plane crash in Costa Rica allegedly carried CIA and multinational intelligence agents ... intelligence operation, according to an informed source, who says the plane crash brought press attention

  8. Fox blows truth-telling opportunity

    ... official FBI eyewitness to the full crash sequence did, in fact, see. Hannity countered by showing ... the CIA animation of the crash and reassuring the audience that what the eyewitnesses actually saw ... describe as a boat flare, a reddish object going up," said the witness. "It zigzagged a little. We thought

  9. Audio released from air traffic control tower


    ... The plane crash at the San Francisco International Airport has so far reportedly killed two people ... taken from the time of the crash early Saturday.

  10. Donaldson called conspiracy theorist

    ... Cmdr. William S. Donaldson III and others have obtained evidence they claim proves that the plane ... was shot down by a missile. They also claim the government is keeping the facts of the crash ... the crash and expects to have a final report completed within a year. Even though their investigation