1. On Web's 25th birthday, a call for Net Bill of Rights


    ... (VentureBeat) The World Wide Web is 25 years old today. It’s time, says its inventor, Sir Tim ... .” His memo to create the WWW was filed on this day in 1989. (You can extend your birthday

  2. WND on top 34 of last 52 weeks

    ... Since WorldNetDaily first appeared on the Global100.com website exactly one year ago, it has ... either the number two, three or four spot on the chart's popularity scale. Global 100.com is the new ... name, now under European ownership, for what was WorldCharts.com. While Global100.com rates

  3. WND number one for 40 weeks

    ... , according to Global100.com, which compiles votes submitted by visitors rating products and web ... services of all kinds. Global 100.com is the new name, now under European ownership, for what ... was WorldCharts.com. In addition to Global100's rankings, which represent a strong measure of reader

  4. World's 1st website restored


    ... announcing that the source code for the World Wide Web would be available for everyone, turning "www" into a ubiquitous line for accessing the Internet.

  5. Obama bashed for giving up control of Net


    ... (POLITICO) — The Obama administration’s decision to relinquish oversight over the group ... that manages the Internet’s architecture has raised an early red flag with Republicans, who ... has managed the Web’s domain-name system under contract with the U.S. government for more

  6. Internet 'backbone' gets upgrade


    ... -Lee first typed 'www.' into a computer. Before Wednesday, we were running out of website addresses

  7. Was America's 1st president a Christian?

    ... . "George Washington’s Sacred Fire" – by Peter A. Lillback and Jerry ... . The result of 15 years of painstaking, scholarly research, "George Washington’s Sacred ... primary source documents, illustrations and quotes from Washington’s own papers and those of his

  8. WND ranked in 'Top 9' news sites

    ... After its first month of operation, Top9.com, which characterizes itself as "the first ... ," Top9.com bases its picks on data derived from PC Data Online, a leading Internet research firm ... research data available today," according to Top9's website. Not a popularity contest, nor

  9. WND, NPR neck and neck

    ... With the release of its February figures, Top9.com has ranked WorldNetDaily ... as "the first Internet Ranking Search Directory to be based on scientific market research data," Top9's ... , CNBC.com, FOXnews.com, BBC.com, 4news.com, NPR.com and WorldNetDaily.com. Top9.com ranks websites

  10. Readers 'stuck' on WND

    ... . At the same time, WorldNetDaily recently was rated the No. 9 news site on the Internet by Top9.com ... . WorldNetDaily is the only independent news service in the Top9.com standings. "Because of the size ... on the most reliable Internet consumer research data available today," according to Top9's website