A liberal fell off a 50-story building. As he whizzed by a 30th floor balcony he was heard saying, “So far, so good!” Relativism is a reassuring way of thinking until it meets head-on with the cold, hard reality of natural law – that universal unmovable sidewalk below.

Margaret Thatcher understood this when she pitted financial relativism against the reality of natural fiscal law: “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

To justify the mentality of today’s new ideology, progressives rely upon the argument of relativism to redefine natural law – the basis for most civil law. Civil law delineates for society the collective conscience of Mother Nature.

The progressive goal: Convince Congress to legislate or the courts to rule that this new morality is natural and therefore constitutional.

Free-falling through air-thin philosophical comparisons, relativism relentlessly grasps thin-air to reassure itself moment-by-ever-changing-moment that “I’m OK, I’m OK, I’m OK.” But rest assured reality stands firm on the sidewalk, its two feet planted on the unmovable truth!

Common sense (better known down on the street as “Wisdom”) had better sense in the first place than to get too near the slippery slope and fall off the 50th floor ledge, or stand underneath a nose-diving fool. Growing up, Wisdom listened to its mother, “If everyone jumps off the cliff, are you going to jump off with them?”

So in the absence of common sense, relativism readily provides that free-thinking progressive temporary peace of mind, some relative relief that everything is going to turn out OK. It’s called “normalcy bias” – a physiological coping mechanism that takes over whenever disaster is certain and the sidewalk unavoidable.

“This has never happened before, so it won’t happen now. And the sidewalk really isn’t as hard as they say it is.” All the while that liberated thinker is desperately trying to simulate a normal environment as the sidewalk looms larger and larger, accelerating at a rate of 32-feet-per-second per second (the speed of a falling object under Mother Nature’s unconditional grasp).

All-the-while the sidewalk remains patiently silent ready to hand relativism a street-style lesson on reality.

Yet some on the sidewalk become mesmerized, beguiled by the gilded voice of that Siren-seductress normalcy bias. They, too, begin shouting, “You’re OK, it’s OK, we’re all OK!” Better watch where you stand, even on the sidewalk. Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. Maybe in this case it’s both.

Am I the only one standing on the balcony who can hear these crazies whizzing by spouting their self-assuring talking points while the culture is plummeting headlong toward a messy confrontation with truth?

As the second Ebola case is confirmed in a Dallas hospital and 70 of its staff exposed, the CDC assures us that the deadly virus will be contained. Honestly, do you believe for one minute that a few Liberian airport employees, now striking for hazard pay, holding hand-held temperature scanners, wearing surgical masks and latex gloves, can stop this vicious unforgiving virus with a paper-thin questionnaire?

The pandemic sidewalk seems tiny and a long way away for the moment, but don’t be fooled, it will look wider than LaGuardia’s runway by next month.

How long can the president keep insisting that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam? As a Harvard grad hasn’t he read the history (another one of those pesky absolutes) of Muhammad and the goals of Islam?

The liberal news media, even CNN and MSNBC, are outraged that the world isn’t coming to the rescue of the 160,000 Kurds in Syria, but sadly for those innocent Kurdish Christian families, an Islamic-enabling president is caught by the throat in normalcy bias’ most classic of symptoms – ambivalence.

This inability to act decisively in a crisis, or to even recognize it as such, has characterized his entire presidency. His inadequate community-organizing skill-set has been overwhelmed by the immense realities of the world’s chaos paralyzing his ability to act and act quickly to avoid the political and human casualties that have occurred. Mr. President, you can’t fix the world’s problems with an Erector Set.

Relativism has won out, for now, on the issue of 70 million American babies slaughtered since 1972. The Supreme Court ruled, redefined through legislation that abortion of innocent children in their mother’s womb is natural law – constitutional. Madison and Jefferson are rolling over in their graves.

So there is nothing unnatural or newsworthy about children being slaughtered by so-called upstanding men and women of our brave new society – doctors and nurses killing these precious children who are the unwilling consequences of sexual promiscuity. Sexual lust and selfish gratification are just part of natural law! There is no accountability or responsibility to one’s action under natural law. It is the survival of the strongest.

Sorry kids, it’s the law! Nothing we can do about it.

The justices on the Supreme Court have also redefined, first by commission and last week by omission, that the 5,000-year-old definition of natural marriage between one man and one woman needed adjudication.

A Nebraska school board tells teachers they can no longer confuse the gender development of their young students by calling them “boys and girls.” They have to refer to them as “purple penguins.” Fine, as long as we can call those school board members who introduced this “Animal House” idea as “dumb a–es.”

Natural law consists of those immutable irrefutable principles found universally in nature (physics, chemistry, math, biology, philosophy) that all point to intelligent design in creation. And herein lies the heart of the matter. Who is nature’s designer?

If you wish to find out the driving intent behind relativism, ask a progressive one simple question: “Who is responsible for natural law?”

America was founded on the belief that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the Engineer of Nature’s absolutes. (You will find His initials in the sidewalk, put there with His finger when it was poured.) That God gave Moses certain civil laws, 10 simple principles, to clearly define the boundaries of morality for government and society. Our Founding Fathers accepted no other “rational idea.” These immutable “absolutes” inspired our Constitution.

So who are you, Supreme Court justices, to question the wisdom of Chief Justice Jehovah, to redefine His plan for natural marriage, gender identity and the unalienable rights of the unborn to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

We are witnessing the clash of two widely diverse cultures. The velocity of this moral centrifuge is rapidly dividing society between good and evil, moral and immoral. We are spinning out of control. Only nature’s God knows how close we are to impact, but rest assured the absolutes of His immutable law will abide forever.

Whenever relativism meets reality the sidewalk always wins.

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