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A priest, a southern Pentecostal pastor, and an Orthodox Jewish rabbi make a bet that they can somehow convert a bear to their faith. They each go out into the woods looking for bears

A week later, they’re all in the hospital and a visiting reporter goes up to each of them to find out what happened.

First he goes to the hospital bed with the priest, who has a number of scratches on his arm

The priest tells him, “I found the bear. It was a little tough, but I managed to sprinkle holy water on him – he’s now a practicing Catholic.”

The reporter goes over to the next bed to speak to the pastor. He’s scratched up and his arm is in a sling. The pastor relays, “I found the bear. Wrestled him to the ground. Cast the demons out of him. And baptized him in the river. He’s now a sanctified, uncompromised, on fire, believer.”

Finally the reporter goes to the bed with the rabbi. The rabbi is in a body cast, wrapped up like a mummy, except with an orthodox Jewish hat on his head. “What happened?” asked the reporter. The rabbi answers, “I can’t understand what went wrong. The bear was very open to the idea of converting to Judaism. Everything was going so well – until we got to the circumcision.”

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