Federal court orders schools
to end anti-Christian bias

Awards $150,000 in case called 'major victory'


Loretta Lynch in secret meeting with Bill Clinton

Report says 'private' confab
happened aboard airplane

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (Photo: Twitter)

Clinton childhood friend 'astonished'
women would vote for Hillary

Says rape victims 'should be the most vocal in opposing'

Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

Report finds Hillary in 'dereliction of duty'

Former top military, intel brass counter House Benghazi report


Huma 'frustrated'
with Hillary's use
of private email

Clinton didn't 'want any risk of the personal
being accessible' – 'not able to do her job'

California's state capitol building in Sacramento

California finally decides whether to copyright everything

'Never made clear why state
needed sweeping new powers'

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (Photo: Twitter)

Cruz: Obama still won't tell Americans
who is targeting them or why

'He is determined to discredit those sounding the alarm'


Abortion industry moving from choice to coercion

'It is their desire to make it illegal for us to hold a different point of view'

A wall around Mark Zuckerberg's private estate in Hawaii is raising the ire of neighbors. (Credit: Twitter, the Daily Mail)

Zuckerberg builds own massive wall
after bashing Trump

Facebook chief's stone structure called 'immense,' 'oppressive'

Victims of the Istanbul airport terror attack were rushed to the hospital. (Credit: BBC)

Istanbul airport reopens amid terror aftermath

Turkey warns: 'Heinous' attack could have happened in 'any city'