Alarm sounded on government's 'genetics' survey

Constitutional lawyer: 'I find this very troubling'

Stock Market despair

Statistician: Data proves
biblical financial collapse

'In September, we can expect something really bad'

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz

Killers of cop dubbed 'G.I. Joe' hunted by feds

Choppers used in search, schools close, community tense


Kate Steinle's parents suing over 'Sanctuary Cities'

San Fran woman was killed by illegal who was deported 5 times


Volatile Dow sheds nearly 500 points

Economic indicators suggest 'more to come'


Islam expert: Did Quran come before Muhammad?

Birmingham fragment dated to time prior to birth of Islam founder


Judge flips switch on 'Orwellian' spying

Case called 'pinnacle of national importance'

The United States Supreme Court

Marriage clerk cites 'God's authority'
to defy federal court

'Red-eyed and shaking' homosexuals leave county office without license


Palestinian president wants arch-terrorist
to take his place

Pressing U.S. to get behind release of accused intifada architect


Baby parts 'buyer' talks about clinic payoffs

Told abortion clinics: 'We're trying to give money to you'