Donald Trump is shielded by Secret Service agents as a protester tries to rush the stage in Cleveland, Ohio

Glenn Beck guest: 'What patriot' will remove Trump from office?

'I am about to suggest something very bad.
It is a hypothetical'

Hillary Clinton

Feds suppressing draft criminal indictment against Hillary

Watchdog uncovers existence of document in National Archives

Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Senator explodes over Reid's 'bitter,
vulgar, incoherent ramblings'

Colleague blasts 'cancerous leadership' and 'sad, sorry legacy' of minority leader


Consumers erupt on Windows 10:
'Insidious,' 'malware,' 'new low'

Web aflame with negative reaction to Microsoft's new tricks to download software

Muslim migrants arriving in Europe by the thousands every day. Up to a million have arrived this year alone.

Christian leader: Don't share faith with Muslims

Keep it to yourself 'unless asked'


Media blackout on Arab gang rape
of mentally disturbed Israeli girl

Videotaped themselves attacking, spitting, shouting racist slogans

A Range Rover intentionally slams into a parked Jaguar blocking its exit in Xiamen, China May 23, 2016 (YouTube)

Crash course: SUV rams parked car blocking exit

'I'm guessing Jaguar owner will think twice'

President Obama

Lawsuit over transgender mandate
challenges 'imperial White House'

11 states go to court over what video portrays as Obama's bathroom on the brain


Journalist's admission
a step to legitimizing pedophilia

Exclusive: Erik Rush spotlights writer's wish to find 'middle ground' with child molesters

Hillary Clinton

Audit: Hillary broke federal rules with email server

RNC pounces: Clinton 'hasn't been telling the truth'