Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations News Center)

Feds pouring Muslim migrants
into Rand Paul's hometown

'Surprise meeting' on Syrian 'refugees' called for Friday


Feds told 'to cease and desist'
from allowing Muslim immigration

Warned they'll have 'blood of innocent Americans' on hands


Obama's Fast and Furious guns
linked to another 69 dead

Toll from failed program earlier put at 200 victims


Author: Don't refuse to vote
for 'lesser of two evils'

'We expect the perfect Christian saint to be elected. Ain't gonna happen this time'


Alabama stacks deck
against Chief Justice Roy Moore

Defense counsel: 'I have almost no words for this corrupt and unjust system'


GOP flip-flops, blocks
Obama's transgender bonanza

Amendment in spending bill 'exactly what is wrong with Washington'

transgender-bathroom (1)

Realities of 'transgender' campaign
knock plan off rails

1 city drops proposal cold when details revealed

Planned Parenthood is under fire.

Stunner! Dozens of Planned Parenthood
abortion emergencies

Lawsuit settlement details seizures, bleeding, collapses


Abortionists, lawmakers work to ban
baby body-parts investigations

Planned Parenthood in league with California legislature to trash 1st Amendment


Chicken fight! County bans poultry
on 'agriculture'-zoned land

Landowner vows fight over right to raise own food