Terror threat? Government watching
for 'Americans with guns'

'Just listen to the language Holder uses'


U.S. Navy caught spying
on whole state

'This is the real militarization of police – when the military becomes the police'

new york times

New York Times snubs
David Limbaugh's 'Jesus' book

Missing from hardcover bestsellers despite superior sales


Limbaugh's 'Jesus on Trial': The verdict is in

Exclusive: Matt Barber highly recommends
fellow lawyer's atheist-frustrating new book


Discredited grad student
source of Obama policy

McCain's legislative assistant urged support of 'moderate' rebels in Syria


General McInerney: Obama only 'irritating' ISIS

'We need to change the rules of engagement and have 'shock and awe''


Feds find holes in 'crucial' anti-ISIS tool

Potentially dangerous travelers could board U.S. flights


Top host concludes Obama
'craziest man on earth'

Exclusive: Kathy Shaidle recaps hottest stories on the air


Michelle O knocks 'hard' life
To kids with cancer

Says difficult to live in White House, be married to the president

Confessed domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins

I'm latest No. 1 target of LGBT 'activists'

Exclusive: Scott Lively fears for his life after topping HRC enemies list

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— Zak Carter