Clinton deleted all emails

Gowdy: Hillary's server wiped clean


U.S.-Iran nuke deal prompts
Arabs to create own force

Saudi Arabia concluding it can no longer rely on Washington


Shock claim: WhyObama refused
to help fight Boko Haram

Top White House adviser working to elect Muslim dictator who wants Shariah law


'Harbinger' author to speak
at United Nations

Cahn to address alarming rise in Christian persecution


Schoolbook teaches non-Muslims
'should be killed'

Call for violence permeates Indonesian public education


Cosmo: Kill unborn
but don't let
'em 'smoke'

Exclusive: Katie Wright notes
mag takes ultrasound evidence
seriously in only 1 case


1st shoe drops for florist
under fire for faith

Fined for acting in accord with her Christian beliefs

An investigator removes items from the home of Andreas Lubitz's family

German police find 'significant'
Andreas Lubitz clues

Authorities discover ripped-up doctors' sick notes in home

Sleeping sickness-2

Mysterious 'sleeping sickness'
baffles researchers

Victims fall into coma-like state from 2 to 6 days


Harry Reid to retire

But first: 'Have to make sure that the Democrats take control'