News about <![CDATA[Euro]]> News about en-us <![CDATA[Hardy: ECB could come up with "dovish surprise"]]> ECB decision coming up and the markets are hesitant as economists weigh up the likelihood of action from the European Central Bank.

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<![CDATA[EURUSD to tread water until Thursday’s ECB]]> EURUSD remains nervous in a tight range as we await signs of a closing of the gap in US versus European data and the Thursday ECB meeting. AUDUSD found resistance again at the 0.9300 area at the time of the RBA meeting.

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<![CDATA[FX Board for March 28, 2014: USDJPY wakes up]]> USDJPY has sprung to live on the penultimate day of the Japanese financial trading calendar on strong risk appetite and bonds pushing lower. This and the EURUSD reversal offer interesting set-ups entering next week’s heavy data calendar.

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<![CDATA[A Fed warning and a ‘decisive’ week for euro dollar]]> A warning from the Fed and a 'decisive' week for the euro: John Hardy looks at what we can expect this week in global forex markets.

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<![CDATA[Market Wrap For March 13: Bears Come Out Of Hibernation As Dow Suffers Largest Daily Loss Since February 3]]> U.S. stocks fell as worries piled up over China's economy and further tension in Ukraine.

China's combined industrial ...

<![CDATA[Analysts: Draghi Rmks Rattle Euro; Mkt Unconvinced Rally Over]]> By Vicki Schmelzer NEW YORK (MNI) - Jawboning remarks from European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, noting that the rising euro is increasingly becoming relevant to the ECB's inflation outlook, sent the euro tumbling Thursday. On the euro, ECB President Draghi said, "The strengthening of the effective euro exchange over the past one and a half years has certainly...

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<![CDATA[Hardy: Four reasons euro dollar’s nudging 1.40]]> The euro is trading just a few pips below the psychologically important USD 1.40 mark so why is it so relatively strong and how much further can it climb?

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<![CDATA[EUR/USD: Short Biased In The Long Term]]> Positioning

Open short at eur/usd at current price targeting long-run technical level 1.3521 (50.00 percent of Fib. retracements ...

<![CDATA[Hardy: Where next for the US dollar?]]> The US dollar was about to crumble across the board last week, according to Saxo's John Hardy. Better than expected jobs figures gave it a boost but its direction this week is less certain.

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<![CDATA[Draghi’s “strange” comments at ECB meeting]]> The European Central Bank may have surprised few by leaving interest rates unchanged at its latest meeting, but Saxo Bank's Nick Beecroft thought one of Mario Draghi’s comments at the ECB press conference were rather “strange”.

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<![CDATA[EURUSD and market expectations for the ECB are a conundrum]]> As ever, it’s as much about market expectations here as it is about what the ECB actually does (or doesn’t do) today. Meanwhile, yesterday’s weak ISM non-manufacturing could set up a weak US employment report Friday.

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<![CDATA[Sterling bounces back amid brisk British manufacturing sector revival]]> Sterling pared earlier losses against the dollar and rose against the euro after British manufacturing sector grew faster than expected in February.

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<![CDATA[BASF CEO Hans Engel On Currency After Q4 Beat]]> BASF SE (OTC: BASFY) chairman and CEO Hans Engel appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box Tuesday, after the company's Q4 earnings beat analysts' estimates.

He discussed the euro's instability, and what that means for the German chemical company moving forward.

“I think we expect pretty much an environment like we've experienced

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<![CDATA[Shorting the Euro: Not 2013’s Best Idea]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Market Wrap For December 10: Fed Meeting One Week Away]]> After starting the week hitting record closes yesterday, major indices slipped in today's trading session.

Investors are anxiously awaiting next week's Federal Reserve meeting which it is becoming more and more apparent that tapering is set to begin sooner, rather than later. The meetings will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday.


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<![CDATA[Euro Strengthens After ECB Leaves Key Rate Unchanged]]> The euro strengthened against the U.S. Dollar to its highest levels in over a month after Thursday's European Central Bank press conference.

At the conference in Frankfurt, ECB President Mario Draghi said the central bank lowered inflation expectations, forecasting inflation at 1.1 percent in 2014. The ECB target for inflation is

<![CDATA[Banks Slapped with $2.3 Billion Fine for Rate Manipulation]]> Yves Logghe/APEuropean Commissioner for Competition Joaquin Almunia. By Catherine Boyle Some of the world's biggest banks have been hit with a 1.71 billion euros ($2.3 billion) fine for interest-rate rigging by traders, the largest fine ever ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[Market Wrap For December 3: Markets Finish In The Red For Third Straight Day]]> Investors appeared to be nervous going in to yesterday's close, a sentiment which continued at today's open.

With little encouraging data coming out of the holiday shopping figures, investors and traders nervously await Friday's Labor Department November jobgs report which could help determine for once and for all if and when

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<![CDATA[Market Wrap For November 27: Markets Inch Higher Before Pausing For Thanksgiving]]> Major indices crawled higher on light volume, which was to be expected.

The Nasdaq to new highs that haven't been seen since September 2000, while the other major indices failed to hold on to earlier gains, but still finished in positive territory.

On Thursday, the markets will take a much needed breather

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<![CDATA[A Spot of Tea With U.K. ETFs]]> ]]> <![CDATA[ETFs for the Demise of the Dollar]]> The U.S. Dollar Index continues its recent slide after the jobs numbers announced early Tuesday, and is now testing a new two-year low. The index measures the performance of the U.S. Dollar versus a basket of six foreign currencies including the euro and the Japanese yen.

Investors can invest in

<![CDATA[Technicals Say Greenback Will See Red]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Euro ETF Becomes Safe-Haven on U.S. Fiscal Woes]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Say Auf Wiedersehen to the Euro With This ETF]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Market Wrap For October 2: Dollar Moves As Shutdown Continues]]> The the debt ceiling battle presses on, equity markets do not seem to be taking notice. After yesterday’s gains, major indexes suffered small losses Wednesday.

The value of the dollar continued to tumble downward and is now the weakest it has been against the euro in eight months. Over the past

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<![CDATA[EUR/USD: Why You Should Stay Short Ahead Of A Correction]]> With the first signs that the eurozone is coming out of recession, it's obvious that the pair currency EUR/USD would be influenced.


The pair from is skyrocketing from the July 9 lows to a new high in the 1.34 levels. The one month recovery rally that started in July, in combination with the

<![CDATA[Wells Fargo Head Of Currency Strategy Nick Bennenbroek Says U.S. Dollar Will Strengthen (WFC)]]> Head of currency strategy at Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) Nick Bennenbroek talks the euro and yen versus the United States dollar, and predicts a time span for a stronger U.S. currency on CNBC's Squawk Box Friday morning.

"I think there [are] a couple of issues that are

<![CDATA[Euro ETF Weakens After ECB Pledges Loose Monetary Policy]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Taking France Out of the Euro]]> If you want to see what utter failure among a group of developed countries looks like, take a look at these series of charts from Eurostat.  It’s a compilation of the unemployment situation in the EU. I won’t put up the whole series but here are a couple that pretty much sum up the disaster. [...]

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<![CDATA[Eurozone Manufacturing Contracts Less Than Expected In June, Spain Improves]]> A key measure of manufacturing output in the eurozone rose in June to the highest level in sixteen months amid the continent wide recession that has seen unemployment, specifically of the younger population, rise to record levels.

Spain and Italy both showed notable strength in June the manufacturing sectors in

<![CDATA[‘Hard’ Currency ETFs Attract Safe-Haven Plays]]> ]]> <![CDATA[Is the Euro a Foreign Currency to Member States?]]> Spain and Britain have similar debt problems. So why does Spain face far higher sovereign-interest rates? Is this because Eurozone membership makes national economies vulnerable to self-fulfilling debt crises? This column argues that EZ membership does not fully explain this discrepancy. A central bank can provide an effective backstop to national debt both in monetary [...]

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