News about <![CDATA[US06739H2976]]> News about en-us <![CDATA[Three Unusual ETF Leaders in 2014]]> Heading into 2014 the momentum was with equities, as the S&P 500 finished last year at the best level ever.

The first couple months have involved a wild swing lower, however, that caused investors to rethink the current bull market as well a rally to new highs over the last few

<![CDATA[ETF Outlook for Thursday, January 9, 2014 (USO, JO, XRT, TAN)]]> ETF Outlook for Thursday, January 9, 2014.

United States Oil ETF (NYSE: USO)

The price of oil will attempt to rebound Thursday after hitting a new multi-month low Wednesday. USO closed down 1.25 percent and was at the lowest closing price since May 2013.

With Libya increasing their oil output in

<![CDATA[ETFs Scarier Than Halloween (VXX, GLDX, SCIF, JO)]]> On the eve of the scariest holiday of the year investors have not had much fear in regards to their portfolios in 2013.

As a matter of fact, the S&P 500 has not been in negative territory at any point during the year. The same cannot be said for all the

<![CDATA[ETFs to Watch September 25, 2013 (BJK, FAZ, YCS)]]> Here is the ETF Professor's ETF Watch List for Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

Keep an eye on the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (NYSE: VTI).

The iPath DJ-UBS Coffee TR Sub-Index ETN (NYSE: JO) looks terrible.

The Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares (NYSE: FAZ) is looking

<![CDATA[8 For '13: Commodities ETFs For 2013]]> With 2012 in the books, it is fair to say it was a mixed year for commodities exchange-traded products. Due to the European sovereign debt crisis, slowing growth and demand in the emerging world and persistent concerns about the U.S. recovery, commodities were an "on again, off again" asset class