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After a long, painful transformation from an online auction site to a mobile-focused e-commerce hub, eBay is finally staging a comeback, online and on Wall Street. But auction sales don't account for its rousing recovery. For that, it has PayPal to thank.

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The Secret Weapon Behind eBay's Comeback originally appeared on DailyFinance on Wed, 02 Mar 2011 07:00:00.

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<![CDATA[eBay’s New iPhone App Helps Students Compare, Buy Textbooks On]]> As students head back to school, eBay is getting into mobile textbook sales with the launch of a a new iPhone app from, which eBay bought in 2000 for $350 million. The iPhone app is also the first eBay buying application to integrate barcode scanning technology, which was implemented through the acquisition of RedLaser in June. The app allows users to scan the barcodes on items to find the best deals on textbooks, DVDs, books, video games and more, with discounts of up to 50 percent or more off the normal retail price. However, eBay says the majority of items sold on are textbooks. ]]>