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<![CDATA[Syapse Raises $3M From The Social+Capital Partnership To Bring Genomic Information To Everyday Healthcare]]> Founded at Stanford University in 2008, Syapse has been on a mission to help disrupt healthcare by incorporating "omics" (or the study of fields within biology typically ending in "-omics," like genomics, proteomics or metabolomics, for example) data into standard medical use. Simply put, Syapse is developing a suite of cloud-based applications that brings next-gen genomic sequencing to laboratories and clinics to help better diagnose and treat their patients. Through its software, the company is now processing over 3,000 genomes and has over 100 billion "omics" and clinical data points and 10 terabytes of genomic data under management, making it one of the largest repositories of human genome and clinical data and out there. ]]>