News About <![CDATA[GO SP GDR REG-S]]> News About en-us <![CDATA[White House Seeks Marketing Medicine for Health Care Overhaul]]> (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR WASHINGTON -- How do you convince millions of average Americans that one of the most complex and controversial programs devised by government may actually be a good deal for them? With the ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[House Passes Budget, Averts Government Shutdown]]> J. Scott Applewhite/AP The budget passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday, crafted by Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., differs significantly from the one being debated in the Senate. WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[Budget Battle Puts Obama Charm Offensive to the Test]]> President Barack Obama leaves the Capitol in Washington, after visiting Tuesday with Senate Democrats. Obama is to meet with House Republicans on Wednesday in a rare meeting at the Capitol in an effort to mend ties with Congress. (J. Scott ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[GOP Proposal Promises Balanced Budget, Repeal Of 'Obamacare']]> House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., holds up a copy of the 2014 Budget Resolution as he speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.By ANDREW TAYLOR WASHINGTON -- House Republicans unveiled their latest budget ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[White House Details Budget Cut Fallout State By State]]> By PHILIP ELLIOTT WASHINGTON -- The White House has detailed the potential fallout in each state from budget cuts set to take effect at week's end, while congressional Republicans and Democrats keep up the sniping over who's to blame. Sen. Claire ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[Republicans, Lacking Direction, Cannot Steer The Country]]> President Obama has finally come of age politically, and he knows where he wants to go. His political adversaries do not. The president served notice in his second inaugural address, and again in his State of the Union speech, that he intends to follow the path blazed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, [...]

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<![CDATA[President Obama Presses Congressional Republicans to Avert Sequester]]> By JULIE PACE WASHINGTON -- Facing yet another fiscal deadline, President Barack Obama is urging congressional Republicans to accept more tax revenue in order to avert looming, across-the-board budget cuts due to take effect in less than two ... Read more]]> <![CDATA[The Next Political Battles are Not Far Off]]>

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By permitting passage of a “fiscal cliff” compromise that most of them detested, House Republicans took the only sensible path available last night. It was an unfamiliar route. Less than two weeks ago, those same Republicans rejected House Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B,” which would have allowed tax rates to rise for taxpayers earning more [...]

The Next Political Battles are Not Far Off

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President Obama proposed that Congress pass a one-year extension of the Bush-era tax cuts set to expire at year's end for households earning $250,000 or less. He suggested letting the cuts expire for the wealthiest bunch.

"We don't need more top-down economics," the president said in an early afternoon press conference at the White House. "We tried that theory...we can't afford to go back to it. That's why I believe it's time for the cuts for the wealthiest Americans, including myself, to expire."

The Bush-era tax cuts, set up as a temporary measure, are due to expire on Dec. 31, meaning if they do the majority of Americans will see a steep rise in taxes overnight. A number of other tax increases are also set to take effect, giving the event the ominous Taxmageddon moniker.

The implications are huge. Families living paycheck to paycheck, or unemployment check to unemployment check, will be even more strapped. The result is an almost certain recession.

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