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U.S. military buildup aimed at N. Korea or China?

The United States and China are increasingly at odds: China repeatedly frustrates US demands for war in Syria and Iran. The two nations also have opposite policies in the ongoing currency war, which is further aggravated by excess US spending and continual Chinese lending. ┬áMany expected US President Barack Obama administration’s declared “pivot to Asia” meant a desire for better relations with countries along the Pacific Rim. Instead, it has meant new US “super bases” in South Korea, more battleships in Singapore’s key shipping straits, surprisingly-restored relations with longtime Chinese ally Myanmar and increased troop levels in Japan, the Philippines and northern Australia. The massive buildup could be preparing for an invasion of North Korea, but many believe the show of force is really an effort to intimidate China’s new leaders. But if the US does occupy North Korea, it’s more useful than any weapon for it to have military bases right on the border of China, as well as Russia. ┬áMany say South Korea is caught in the middle.