Sixth-grader Brooklyn Welch stood near the entrance of Eatonville Middle School on Tuesday covered in fake blood and smiling after an unusual day at school.

The 12-year-old volunteer was one of hundreds of participants in an active-shooter drill coordinated by Pierce County Emergency Management and hosted by the Eatonville School District. For about three hours, the drill took over two schools and several blocks in the Mount Rainier foothills community.

Earlier, Brooklyn portrayed the first victim in one of two shooting scenarios. She waited on the floor of the front office for about 40 minutes with a fake gunshot wound to the shoulder before being carried out by a SWAT team officer in full gear.

“It was scary watching the SWAT team come,” she said.

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WND-TV: DHS: 'Bloody' children used as props for 'school shooter drills'


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