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Forced government schooling not a protected right?

German family seeking asylum to continue homeschooling their children in the U.S. fights deportation.

The DOJ is arguing that homeschooling is not a protected right and that parents who do so are not a protected group. Romeike said, “I certainly think it’s persecution when the government tries to take away your children from you.”

WND previously reported:

Officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association have launched a petition on a White House website to seek help for a homeschool family threatened with a forced return to the persecution members would face in their home country of Germany.

The petition effort is coming just weeks before oral arguments in an appellate court on the case that has the potential to create precedent for the U.S. response to human rights issues.

The petition, which asks for permanent legal status for the family members, already has collected some 25,000 signatures, but needs another 75,000 in less than three weeks, officials say.

“While whitehouse.gov has seen petitions ranging from serious to comical – including creating a ‘Death Star’ and requesting congressmen to wear sponsorships like NASCAR drivers – HSLDA believes that the Romeike petition is of utmost importance because a family’s human rights are at stake,” the organization said in an announcement about the effort.

HSLDA Founder Michael Farris is scheduled to argue the family’s case at the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on April 23 and explains why this case is so important to Americans.

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