Controversy is brewing over a proposed “White Student Union” organization at Georgia State University. Fliers have gone up on downtown streets announcing the controversial new student club. The club is the brainchild of freshman Patrick Sharp. He said the club is different than groups like the Klu Klux Klan because “we’re not a hate organization…We’re not a supremacist organization…All we really recognize is that we’re a distinct group of people who have every right to organize.”

Georgia State is one of the nation’s most diverse colleges — a point the school is proud of. Sharp says that’s the reasoning for his organization.

“Are black student unions racist? Are Latino student unions racist? Are any of those other things racist? There’s really nothing about our union that separates us from them,” Sharp said.

But the fliers have already caused anger and confusion on campus.

“I’m concerned they’re going to be ignorant. I think it’s ignorant the way that they’re introducing this,” said Kevin Oliver, a GSU student.

“My counter argument has always been that everywhere is a white union,” said Alecia Norman.

Sharp says the group is open to anyone and he hopes to get recognition as an official campus student organization.

“It’s mainly just about white students coming together and working together,” said Sharp.

Sharp says he only has about five or six members so far, but plans on being as at a student activities fair on Thursday to recruit.

WND-TV: Freshman starts 'white student union' club at Georgia State University


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