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Police: Stopping crime before it happens

Police agencies implementing PredPol’s predictive policing program have seen noticeable drops in crime over the last year. The program, which used advanced mathematics and anthropological research to predict crime and produce simple targeted locations for law enforcement to patrol, has been implemented throughout the United States and recently in the United Kingdom.

A recent three-month pilot in North Kent (England) saw levels of street violence fall by 6 percent in areas where PredPol was being used. In Alhambra, situated in the western San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County the rate of residential burglary and other major crimes significantly dropped six months after it launched the project in January of this year. This is after a trend in rising crime rates in that region over the last few years. Even more striking results were seen in Santa Cruz and Los Angeles with double-digit crime reductions experienced after implementation of the program.

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