Limbaugh indicated Republicans have been “hoodwinked” for two main reasons.

“They are literally paralyzed because Obama is African-American,” he said.

“Before that happened, the Democrats and the media ran one of the most brilliant political tricks I have ever seen pulled off. That political trick convinced Republicans and more importantly their ‘brilliant’ moderate consultants that criticizing any Democrat president would anger the independents.”

“So the Republicans got hooked into this belief that any criticism would send the independents running to the mild-mannered, never-critical, never-extreme, never-loud, never-arguing, never-bickering Democrats. …

“There was no behavior the Democrats could engage in that would send the independents running to Republicans. The Democrats can call Republicans hostage-takers, they can accuse them of taking a ransom, they can accuse them of being terrorists, and that doesn’t bother the independents. But when the Republicans question Obama’s Obamacare plan, [the reaction is] ‘You racist pigs! How dare you?’”

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WND-TV: Republicans were 'hoodwinked'? Really, Rush?


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