It’s one thing for e-commerce stores to track your behavior as you shop online, but now real-world stores are following your every move through your cellphone. That’s right: It’s not quite that scene at the Gap in Minority Report, but the next time you leave your iPhone’s WiFi signal on in public, expect to have a digital trail.

As The New York Times’s Quentin Hardy reports, over 100 brick-and-mortar stores — including big ones like Home Depot and Nordstrom — have paired up with the shopping behavior watchers at Euclid Analytics, who can learn a lot just by following your wireless connection:

Using the information, retailers can tell whether someone walked by the store, whether a customer came in and how long the visit lasted. If it is a big store, with a couple of Wi-Fi antennas, the owner can start to see where in the store someone went.

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