A recent convention in Egypt that was attended by many Wahhabi clerics from around the world made it a “legal duty”, from a Wahhabi (Salafi) standpoint, for all followers of their intolerant and bigoted faith to kill infidels, especially Shiites and Alawites in Syria. Recent atrocities where entire families were slaughtered due to their sectarian affiliation have become common practice for Wahhabis, who refer to themselves as Sunnis, while most moderate Sunnis dissociate themselves from them. The world’s oldest and most prestigious Islamic school, al-Azhar, has called these calls for Jihad in Syria as completely unlawful.

In this video, footage from Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria shows how a group of Wahhabi rebels influenced by the sectarian preaching of these Wahhabi clerics are going door-to-door searching for Shiite (Shia) families to kill.

WND-TV: Wahhabi clerics convention: Jihad in Syria a duty


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