Move over, “Walking Dead.” In a quest to take a bite out of crime, the LAPD’s Northeast Division has produced a new video, starring — what else? — zombies.

Cue a seven-minute homemade mini-movie of zombies marauding down a northeast Los Angeles street. The moaning zombies steal iPads and other items from parked cars in the videotaped public service announcement.

Cut to a couple in their living room. “Chad, the zombies are out again,” a woman tells a man reading a book, who acts matter-of-fact until the conversation turns to his car.

The nervous man yells to call 911, making a face like Shaggy in a Scooby-Doo cartoon before yelling about his baby — an apparent reference to his tablet or computer.

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: Watch out for zombie bandits, warns LAPD PSA


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