Ever since Disney bought ABC, controversial talk-show hosts on the company’s radio affiliates have been dropping like flies.

One of the few survivors in the L.A. market — the extremely talented Larry Elder — is hanging on at KABC by his fingertips. Meanwhile, a group of lying, conniving, gutless, faceless brown shirts who have no regard for freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas have made it their business to run Larry out of town.

Why? Well, for one thing, Larry is conservative. But he’s hardly some right-wing fanatic. In fact, he’s none of the things his detractors say he is. The real problem is that Larry’s a black conservative — and particularly persuasive one at that.

That’s the reason Elder represents a real threat to the affirmative-action cartel. That’s why he’s being targeted. He’s good. Though he’s not quite so immodest.

“It’s because, in my opinion, I’ve committed three sins,” he says. “I don’t believe white racism is the most serious problem facing the African American community today; I strongly oppose discriminatory race and gender-based affirmative action preferences; and I do believe that O.J. Simpson murdered two innocent people in cold blood.”

So how are they coming after him? A group (who knows, really — maybe it’s one or two cowards and a fax machine) called the “Talk Drum Community Forum” have written and called advertisers, handed out inflammatory fliers, called for demonstrations and threatened boycotts. Some of their tactics are despicable.

For instance, after the group distributed a particularly hateful leaflet characterizing Elder as “without a doubt, the most racist, anti-black talk-show host in Southern California, who describes blacks as lazy, dumb and stupid.” Elder was so bemused by the fallacious attack that he read the flier on the air.

Now the group incites more hatred and abuse of Elder by using an out-of-context recording of that show to “prove” to anyone they can get to call their telephone number that he believes blacks are lazy, dumb and stupid.

Most people would not be fooled by such transparent tactics. But never overestimate the backbone of major corporate advertisers — companies such as K-Mart and American Airlines have already jumped ship.

This is part of a corporate trend reported on recently in the Wall Street Journal. Major advertisers are dictating not only the programming of too many radio stations around the country, but even the editorial content of some of our nation’s biggest magazines.

But it’s funny. It’s not really controversy from which these big advertisers shy away. I mean, look at “Ellen,” for heaven’s sake. That kind of controversy doesn’t seem to bother them a bit. In fact, they consider it good for business. What bothers them more are well-reasoned and stimulating ideas — the very kind of speech our forefathers knew needed special protection in a free society, the very kind provided on a daily basis by Larry Elder.

Ironically, while Larry Elder is being attacked for “racism,” the truth behind the tale is that he is being singled out for attack primarily because of his race. If Larry Elder were a white guy saying the same things, he would hardly cause a ripple of concern with the conformity fascists. They hate him because he is living, breathing evidence that there is philosophical and ideological diversity among all groups of thinking people.

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