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The re-emergence of Hillary Rodham Clinton

We haven’t heard much from the first lady, lately. She’s been keeping a relatively low profile. Rumors of an imminent indictment in the Whitewater case may be one reason. Her political failure in pushing through a health-care revolution in the first term may be another.

But she’s coming back as the leading proponent of President Clinton’s latest federal initiative — a new government power grab in the name of “child care.”

So let’s get reacquainted with Hillary, shall we? What motivates her? What makes her tick?

At Wellesley, Hillary did her senior thesis on professional revolutionary Saul Alinsky. She met the leftist legend the summer before, and, as soon as she graduated, Alinksy offered her a job. She chose to attend Yale Law School instead.

Another big influence in her formative years was Marxist-Maoist theoretician Carl Oglesby, then president of the radical Students for a Democratic Society and editor of Motive, a left-wing magazine for young Methodists.

Motive was hardly a traditional church publication. During those years, it featured articles on commune life, the similarity between hallucinogenic drug trips and religious experiences, the realities of lesbianism and witch power. How influential was this publication on Hillary? Recently she told the Washington Post she still has a collection of all the back issues of Motive.

Her years at Yale were marked by her hard-core left-wing activism under the tutelage of Marian Wright Edelman. She also took a position with Robert Borosage, later a founder of the Institute for Policy Studies.

When Black Panther leader Bobby Seale was on trial in New Haven for murdering a fellow Panther, Hillary and her friends were in the courtroom every day where she assisted his far-left lawyer, Charles Garry. Through Garry, Hillary met Communist Party activists Jessica Mitford and her husband, Robert Truehaft, for many years the Communist Party USA’s attorney. In the summer of 1971, Hillary interned at Truehaft’s Berkeley law office. Truehaft, by the way, was once described by the House Committee on Un-America Activities as one of the most “dangerously subversive” attorneys in the country.

It was through her networking with this older generation of fifth column lawyers that Hillary got her position on the House Watergate Committee and later on the boards of directors of the Children’s Defense Fund and the Legal Services Corporation.

David Brock writes in “The Seduction of Hillary Clinton” that under her control, the LSC “quickly swung back to the 1960s approach of aggressively using the courts to expand the welfare system and increase governmental control over private property, and to conduct ideologically generated and driven litigation.” Hillary linked the LSC with various Marxist front groups, including the National Lawyers Guild.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner recalls her tenure at the helm of the LSC: “What Hillary was doing as chairman of the board was solidifying control by the government and the bureaucracy. And they were spending taxpayer money to do it. She tried the same with health care. Back then I reached the conclusion that she is a control freak. She wants to utilize the power of the federal government to make sure she, her people, and her philosophy have control.”

When President Reagan was elected and took on the LSC’s use of taxpayer dollars to back left-wing political activism, Hillary led the opposition. She authorized a blatantly illegal nationwide lobbying campaign to ensure survival of the agency.

When she left the LSC in 1982, she joined the board of the New World Foundation, a leftist philanthropy that funds, among other causes, Communist insurgency movements in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Those who know her said Hillary was a true revolutionary who disguised her militancy through her commitment to subvert the system from within. There is absolutely no reason to believe she has changed her stripes.

It is with this background that Americans should evaluate her next grand proposal — a federal initiative on child care. Does she really care about your kids? Don’t believe it. The children’s liberation movement from which Hillary springs believes in using kids to gain power over their parents and society. They use children to destroy our most basic and fundamental rights.

This is the prism through which we should view her proposals. They may sound good. They may look good. But they are guaranteed to empower government and the extremist friends and philosophy Hillary has been promoting without interruption for nearly 30 years.