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Clinton's global crime plan

The Clinton administration this week announced a comprehensive plan to
target the growing power of sophisticated international organized crime

It’s called the International Crime Control Strategy, which identifies
the major global threats to the United States as drug trafficking,
acquisition or sale of weapons of mass destruction by criminal, the
transfer of sensitive U.S. technology to rogue foreign states and
trafficking in women and children.

Drug trafficking? Transfer of sensitive technology? Trafficking in
women? These are certainly areas in which the Clinton administration has
expertise. He has long associated with drug dealers, even pardoning one as
governor, and his connections to activity at Mena Airport in Arkansas has
long been a matter of suspicion. As president he was responsible for
perhaps the single most serious transfer of sensitive technology since
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, with his approval of the sale of missile
guidance systems to China. And, as far as trafficking in women, does it
count when it’s for your own use?

Seriously, folks, if I didn’t know better I would think this plan,
announced at this moment, was a practical joke — an idea worthy of
“Saturday Night Live.”

If the administration is serious about stamping out organized crime, it
could begin by cleaning out its own house. Here’s just a partial, quickie
list of the felony convictions in and around Bill Clinton since he took
office: Webster Hubbell, Jim McDougal, Susan McDougal, Gov. Jim Guy Tucker,
David Hale, Robert W. Palmer, Chris Wade, Neal T. Ainley, Henry Espy,
Michael Brown, Eugene Lum, Nora Lum and Johnny Chung.

Then there are those indicted or targeted for indictment: Ron Brown,
Herby Branscum, Mike Espy, Henry Cisneros, Archie Schaefer, Charlie Trie,
Maria Hsia, Nolanda Hill, Bruce Babbitt, Ron Carey, Monica Lewinsky and
Webster Hubbell (again).

Then come the executive privilege claims: Bruce Lindsey, Sidney
Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton, Secret Service agents and James Hamilton.

Let’s not forget about Clinton’s criminal associates — from Jorge
Cabrera to Dan Lasater to Wang Jun.

And, perhaps, the biggest benchmark of criminal conspiracy — the Fifth
Amendment pleadings and refusal to answer under oath: Susan McDougal, Susan
Thomases, Webster Hubbell (again), Maggie Williams, Bruce Lindsey, Hillary
Clinton, John Huang, Johnny Chung, David Wang, Keshi Zhan, Gin F.J. Chen,
Siuw Moi Lian, Yi Chu, Mark Middleton, Seow Fong Ooi, Bin Ue Jeng, Hsiu Chu
Lin, Larry Wong, Duangnet Kronenberg, Jen Chin Hsueh, Na-chi “Nancy” Lee,
Chi Rung Wang, Hueutsan Huang, Jou Sheng, Yue Chu, Yogesh Gandhi, Judy Hsu,
Man Ho, Steven Hwang, Jane Dewi Tahir, Manlin Foung, Gilbert Colon, Maria
Mapili, Yumei Yang, Irene Wu, Jie Su Hsaio, Mike Lin, Hsiu Luan Tseng, Hsin
Chen Shi, Zie Pan Huang, Mark Jiminez, Shu Jen Wu, Michael Brown, Woody
Hwang, Charles Intriago, Simon Chen, Sioeng Fei Man, Jessica Elinitiarta,
Kent La, Craig Livingstone.

Speaking of international criminal syndicates, there are the foreign
witnesses refusing to answer: Ng Lap Seng, Stephan Riady, Roy Tirtadji, Ken
Hsui, John Mucy, James Lin, Eugene Wu, Mochtar Riady, Stanley Ho, Suma
Ching Hai, James Riady, Daniel Wu, Ambrose Hsuing, Lay Kweek Wie, Li Kwai
Fai, Bruce Cheung.

And, of course, those avoiding testimony by fleeing the country:
Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Pauline Kanchanalak, Ming Chen, Antonio Pan, John
H.K. Lee, Aug Setiawan, Ted Sioeng, Dewi Tirto, Subandi Tanuwidjaja, Sorya
Wiriadinata, Felix Ma, Susanto Tanuwidjaja, Suryant Tanuwidjaja, Subandi
Tanuwidjaja, Yanti Ardi, Nanny Nitiarta, Yopie Elnitiarta, Maureen
Elinitiarta, Sandra Elinitiarta, Sundari Elnitiarta.

Of course, there are lots more name we could add — the suicides, the
murders, the accident victims, those who have been harassed and intimidated
for daring to cross the administration. … It all begins to look
suspiciously like a pattern of racketeering, organized crime, a mob-style

My first thought upon reading of Clinton’s plan is that the initiative
sounds more like a way to rub out the competition. It sounds like there’s
going to be a good, old-fashioned gang war.

If I were an international organized crime figure not paying sufficient
tribute to Don Clinton, I’d be nervous. It looks like the Godfather is
getting ready to make a move.